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“The Beauty of the House is immeasurable; its Kindness infinite.” | Piranesi Review

This was an impulse buy, but after hearing some enticing things about this release from the author in a New Yorker interview and hearing friends talk about it, I caved in. Knowing Clarke resorted to Tolkien and Lewis through times of illness made me want to read her even more. This quote by her about this book especially inspired me: "this would be more about the fact that, at the centre of things, there's a secret or mystery, and it is joyful." I loved this. This story is haunting, whimsical and philosophical but in the least pretentious of ways… a rich parable. Clarke writes exquisitely, beautifully. Her writing soothed me so much these past few days, though I began the novel leisurely in the spring as I was finishing my degree. Susanna Clarke’s most recent release is so hard to describe effectively because it is unique and its evocative images are so different than most (or in my mind any) modern novel you’d pick up. The narrative is told through the journals

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