Halfway Between Life and Dreaming | A Little Update-y Sort of Post

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hello, friends! This is just a little update-y sort of post, and also a bit of an explanation for why I've been (and sadly will continue for a while) to be rather absent and sporadic with my posts here on Fullness of Joy.

First of all, down here in Australia, it has just turned Autumn, and it's lovely and fresh and cooler, and I'm just loving it! We've had such a dry summer that it's been simply wonderful to enjoy more rain as well as bright clear-blue skies not marred by too much heat or humidity (though admittedly the humidity is still there a bit). 

With my own life, it's been a bit overwhelming just the stuff going on, studies, music, driving, church-stuff and such. This year I'm doing year 12 with the hopes of graduation in sight, so it's quite intense! Lots of Pacework still to be done (yes, I'm using the ACE curriculum), and with the deadline I've put for myself, it's getting a bit tight; so I'm going to really try in the next few months to be scarce around in the internet, and really focus on getting all my schoolwork done. (Prayers would be highly appreciated, friends :).
A few of you have inquired into what I plan to do after, and if I have any wish to do further studies, so I thought I probably should address this briefly :). While I haven't done any final decision yet, I'm strongly leaning towards, if it is the Lord's will, studying a degree majoring in English Literature, with possibly a minor in either Creative Writing or History. I'm still seeking the Lord about it, and praying for Him to guide me and to be totally in His will for my life, but I know I've had this strong inclination for a few years now to pursue this study of literature, and I'm eager to see what the Lord's plans for me are!

On the writing front, it's pretty much next to nothing at the moment, but I've been writing a few scenes here and there for a few stories over the past months (nothing to really show for, sadly), but you can be sure I'm eagerly anticipating giving time to get back into disciplined writing and progressing with my novels once I finish school, Lord willing. It's something I'm truly eager for! :) 

When it comes to reading, I was delighted to get out of a bit of a reading-slump I fell into over the Christmas season (that sort of thing often happens frequently when I get carried away with the excitement of the Festive Season and the delights of the summer-break ;)). But March has been really wonderful in catching up and really just enjoying the books I've been reading. Some of my reading exploits have included Leave it to Psmith by P.G. Wodehouse, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie, Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte, and Saving Amelie by Cathy Gohlke - all of them 4 to 5 star reads! :). 

As for what I'm currently reading, right now, I'm slowly been making my way through The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, Flora & Ulysses by DeCameron (a cute comic novel for children), Return to the Hundred Acre Wood (a sequel to Winnie the Pooh that is so charming!), Mockingjay (the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy - admittedly, I've got mixed feelings about this series), and a few devotionals/non-fiction books I hope to read in the next few weeks: The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis and The Roots of the Righteous by A. W. Tozer. . . I know, it's quite a pile I've got going at the moment! (I'm in one of those moods where I'm struggling with a desire to read multiple books at the same time). I'll keep you updated on how they go.

Lately, with little energy to do anything aside from my schooling and chores, in the evenings I feel much more tempted to watch a TV episode than often blog or write or do anything greatly productive. I'm trying to be disciplined with it, though, so it's mostly a way to relax a little before bedtime. Right now I'm doing a bit of re-watching favourite episodes from the Doctor Who show. I really surprised myself by getting into the show and loving it (mostly) over the Christmas/summer break (not without a little persuasion from my Samwise friend, Annie!). It's a strange, curious show and it took me a few episodes to really enjoy it, but it's been really interesting how much I've actually come to love it and find so many beautiful and inspiring things from watching this story of this mad, crazy and wonderful time-traveling alien (the Doctor) who travels through Time and Space in his little Blue Box (spaceship/time-machine) with his human companions and rescues peoples and creatures of all sorts, battles monsters and evil, and explores the vast wonders of the universe in his funny, quirky and heroic way.

I think my two favourite elements in the story are the characters - the different incarnations of the Doctor (I love them all by the way, each in their own way), and his companions: Rose, Micky, Martha, Jack, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna, Wilfred, Amy, Rory, Brian, Clara, Danny and River Song <3 They're so real and loveable with all their flaws! The other thing I love about the show is the concept of time-travel (it's always fascinated me - just the idea of travelling back in time), and the exploration of the universe and just how amazing and wonderful God's created world is and the amazingness of exploring it and realizing that there is more to life than what we see on the surface. Brimming with life and pain, and hope and dreams. I hope to share my thoughts more on it later, but yes, just thought to mention that I'm really loving it! (Just a bit of a cautionary disclaimer: I dislike the evolutionary/secular world-views in some of the episodes, and disagree with some of the lifestyles of a few of the characters. The scary monsters/aliens can be a bit scary or dark at times, so just a general word of warning.) 

Though I plan on being more off-line in the next few months, I will be dipping in and out of the internet, and hopefully posting now and again, because I actually have heaps of blogpost ideas, reviews and discussion-posts in the works, though it's no promise as I can't predict how things will go and I do need to be as focused as I can be. We'll see how things go!

Oh, by the way, over the summer, I finally caved in and signed up for my own twitter! "What?" you may ask. Haha, I have actually been loving the writing and book-loving community on there, and it's actually been really encouraging and fun! So on that note, I thought I should leave below the links to all the social-media outlets I'm on, if you'd be interested in staying up-to-date with the stuff I'm reading, and my life in general :).

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Thank you so much, dear friends, for all the sweet comments and notes you so frequently leave here on this little blog and elsewhere, even though I am so sporadic and rambly with my sharing on Fullness of Joy. I value this little community of friends and writers, readers and young people who love Christ so much and feel infinitely blessed!

You are a precious blessing <3