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"Who Hammered You, Wrought you, from argentine Vapour?" | Cup-A-Tea Poetry

I am grateful for yesterday--the kind of day I want to wrap up and treasure in its ordinary specialness as a balm for a rather painful week of assignments and deadlines. For one thing I got 9 hours of sleep (not to be taken for granted as a uni student!) and that really brightens up one's outlook on life, it really does. I also went to a book fair hosted at my uni which is just what a literary soul needs during a stressful study week.

But hey, I am here to share a poem! I know I am on a bit of a roll with poetry these days, but poetry has honestly been one of my favourite things lately. It is easy to just pick up a poem and reflect and ponder on the depth of meaning and beauty but not be tangled up in reading dozens of pages. Bit-sized treasure. So this is me just dropping in to share another poem that I came across this weekend. I found it in a collection I acquired at that book fair. It's "The Lion Book of Christian Poetry: A Treasury of Poems and the Stories of Their W…

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