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Thoughts on Pachinko | a review

On the early dawn of our final exams last year, in my uni group chat my friends and I were chatting about the books we were excited to read once semester was over. It was cathartic, to say the least, letting us forget for a moment the stress and anxiety looming directly in front of us. We recommended to each other books and gave book suggestions - it was fun. One girl recommended Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, a novel I had heard of before on Goodreads but had almost forgotten about. Then a few weeks later my friend and I went to Dymocks and did a book-swap, buying a book for the other. She gave me this book, and we decided to buddy read it together over the summer hols, which was ever so exciting. No surprises, she finished it in a few days, while for me it took me over a month (I am slowly emerging out of the book-reading daze or toll of uni days!). But in the end I am glad I picked this book up and I thought to share some of my thoughts below.

I can't quite articulate my feelings abou…

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