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The Swiftly Tilting Passing of Time | End of the Year Reflections

There is a sense in which it feels like I am taking up my proverbial pen and writing into the void of the internetafter taking such a long sabbatical from my blog. Those who follow me on Instagram or Twitter will be more up-to-date with what I have been doing over the past several months, as I have mostly shared and tweeted on those platforms about books, my study-life and the things that I've been pondering of late. Nonetheless, you are here, reading this post--to you I extend very cheerful greeting. Hello, gentle reader! I am back and with an overflow of thoughts and things I wish to write about. I am currently on the summer-break which extended from mid-November and will finish at the end of February, but while I have a lot of time on my hands, I also have a lot of summer projects and commitments that are keeping me busy, so I cannot say how often I will write on this little ol' blog of mine. That said, I have missed writing in this form so much and am excited for all the …

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