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Corella Press Cover Reveal and Review: "The Millwood Mystery" | Historical Australian crime and mystery

I am excited to be finally sharing with you all about a project I have been involved in from earlier this year. Last semester I was an intern at the University of Queensland's Corella Press, an initiative with the aim of "discovering, editing, and publishing nineteenth-century Australian crime and mystery stories". All semester long we, as a group of interns and staff, worked at uncovering, editing and re-publishing a forgotten novel by nineteenth-century Australian writer, Jeannie Lockett. It was such an extraordinary experience--from the research of forgotten stories and authors from Australia's literary past, acquisition of unknown texts, to finally getting involved in publication as part of a publishing team! I share more about my internship experience in a guest post which I will be posting about shortly, so be sure to stay tuned for that. But today I am going to first reveal the cover designs of the two releasing books, and then review the book my team and I wo…

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