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Hello, friends! A while back I ordered a whole bunch of books from my local library, but I kind of forgot about them in the excitement of reading some of the exciting books on my own shelves. Over the weekend, I realized I have to return those library books soon, and I had barely read any of them. So when I saw a reading marathon (readathon) running through the 10th-17th of April called Genrethon and is hosted by a bunch of Booktube ladies, I got sort of excited because it was just the motivation I needed to pick up my library books and blitz through them. If you're interested, you can look up the information on Tea and Titles blog. 

Below are a list of books (mostly from the library) that I am super eager to crack open and blitz through the next few days. While this marathon of reading is mostly focused on reading from genres out of your comfort zone, it is also very flexible, so it actually feels right with the list of books I have selected. The books that are not library-copies I've marked with an asterisk, and I probably most definitely can't read more than 1/2 of all these books - but I'm putting up the list so I can also get recommendations of which books I should be picking up first. Please consider joining in, as it looks like a lot of fun ^_^.

A famous dystopian YA, I've actually just finished reading this. Check my review on Goodreads.
This is my classic literature pick for this TBR, and one I'm currently reading and enjoying immensely (I'd have liked to have added more classics to this list, but as this is a genre-out-of-comfort-zone readathon and I read a lot of classics anyway, I guess I'll just content myself with this one gem.)
This is my non-fiction devotional pick for this list, and as it has been long on my wish-list to read and I've heard such wonderful things from this spiritual classic, I'm thrilled to start it this week.
This is a children's comic-style graphic novel, interlaced with words and pictures and super quirky and fun. I've actually started reading this, so I hope to finish it over the next day or two.
Another children's graphic-style novel by the same author as Flora & Ulysses, this should be another short, beautiful read.
One of my priority reads for this week, this is a fairy-tale science-fiction story based on the fairy-tale of Red Riding Hood. I started the Luner Chronicle series last year, with Cinder, and since then have read so many reviews and recommendations of this series, I'd love to complete it. (Note: I've heard some mixed reviews from this particular installment of the series, so I'll be reading with care.)
Continuing with the Lunar Chronicle fairy-tale science-fiction series, I've also got Cress in my pile, and I'm especially eager about this one as it is a retelling of the Rupenzul fairy-tale.  
I'm not 100% sure under which genre this book falls, but as far as I can guess it is a literary novel with a historical bent, about the theme of "coming of age" (I tend to think its of a similar vein to To Kill a Mockingbird) and is deemed a bit of a modern classic.
Lizzy & Jane is a bit of an inspirational romance with a literary twist. I had mixed feelings about Dear Mr. Knightley, Reay's debut novel, however I do want to give this author another go, as I know she has a deep love of classic literature, and her stories sound wimsical and heart-wrenching (also, I will go ahead and say the covers for all her books are GORGEOUS!). . . fingers crossed!
After recently reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (another Poirot mystery) and loving it fiercely, I'm in rather an Agatha-Christie mood these days. I'd love to try out her Miss Maple series, so this could be fun ^_^.
I know 2 Agatha Christie mysteries in a week may be a bit of a stretch, but the title of this one makes me want to pick it up and read it at once. And this one is a Hercule Poirot :P
This is the third book in the Wings of the Nightingale series, a historical Christian romance. I loved With Every Letter, the first book immensley, but its sequel On Distant Shores, was a huge disappointment to me and I DNF it half-way through. I can't decide yet whether I want to give In Perfect Time a go, but Sundin's attention to historical detail and weaving a WW2 novel is amazing, and I think on that clause alone, she deserves another go.
Like with the Wings of the Nightgale series, Blue Skies Tomorrow is the last book in a trilogy of historical Christian romance novels, A Distant Melody, and A Memory Between Us. The first one in the series was beautiful, and a real favourite, but A Memory Between Us was a little bit of a let-down. However, I do want to see how the story pans out for all 3 of the Novak brothers, and I think this series has some really redeeming qualities in it as well.
I know very little about this novel, except that it is set during the 1600s, is a historical novel about the Puritans and Cavilers and it's written by Elizabeth Goudge (who is a new all-time favourite author!). I'm okay with going into this novel with nothing more to go on ;).
This is an Australian historical fiction novel about a couple living just after WW1 on a deserted island who very strongly desire to have children. I'm entering on this read tentatively, and very cautiously as it is an adult novel, and I'm not 100% sure about its content, but its premise intrigues me deeply.
Similarly to The Light Between Oceans, this is a historical, literary novel set in Europe but its focus is more on a mystery and even some magical realism/fantasy elements. What perked my interest in picking this one up are the small nods in its premise from Victorian novels, like Jane Eyre, and The Woman in White. (Again, I'll be reading this cautiously on account of unknown content). 
It is very doubtful I'll be able to get to this read, but if by some strange wonder I can, I'm interested in reading this collection of short stories by Daphne du Maurier. I think these stories fall under the suspence/thriller Gothic mystery genre; it's is also a modern classics.

With it being almost impossible to be able to get through half these books, are there any particular titles among them that you think I should get to first or you'd in any way recommend (or caution me about)? Please do share! Also, why don't you join me in the Genrethon? You can keep up-to-date with my reading progress on my twitter or Goodreads accounts.  So, dear readers, what are YOUR reading plans for this week? Any special books lined up you're excited to read? Let's chat it up in the comments below ^_^.


  1. I can't say I've really read any of these, except for Mockingjay which I have to say was the hardest of the trilogy to get through, in my opinion. I would recommend the Agatha Christies, thoguh. I haven't read those specific titles, but the ones I have, I really enjoyed. (I actually have a beautiful set of 25 Agatha Christie books, and I've only read 3-4 of them... it's terrible of me!!)

    I'm not sure I'll actually have time for heaps of reading this week... :( At the moment, I am working my way (slowly!) through Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere, and Releasing the Spirit of Prophesy by Bill Johnson. And of course my text books... do they count???! XD

    P.S. Did you get the message I sent you on Skype? :)

  2. Good luck during your reading marathon! You are brave to be taking on such a large challenge. I look forward to hearing how much you accomplish during this challenge.

    Two authors who jumped out at me from your list are Elizabeth Goudge and Agatha Christie. I have yet to read any Goudge, but I have heard so many good things about her and I'm not sure how much longer I can put off reading some of her titles.

    Agatha Christie is a favorite author of mine who I haven't read in a long while...have you ever read the "Seven Dials Mystery"? That is one of my all-time favorites. It is intense but hilarious and light-hearted at the same time! You've made me want to pick up Christie again!

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  3. Dear Emily, thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear! <3 It's always a pleasure. Hmm, yes Mockingjay was rather dark to get through. I think my favourite was the first book, but the trilogy as a whole felt very hopeless to me. Yes, yes, I love Agatha Christie too! I haven't read many titles of hers either, but I love the BBC tv series starring David Suchet as Poirot, so I want to read all her books too =). What is Girls With Swords about? Oh, yes, I received your Skype message, Emily, and appreciated it heaps! Thank you so much, dear <3 I am so, SO sorry I haven't responded to it yet. My life lately has been so very busy and hectic, and it's been hard to stay on top of all my emails/messages to friends. Will try to respond ASAP though, Lord willing ^_^

    Love you, friend! <3

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and wishes, dear Dani! It's always a delight to read your comments, girl :).

    Haha, yes, it was a rather large book challenge for me - and for the actual genrethon, I only ended up finishing 3 books (Mockingjay, Flora & Ulysses, and The Woman in White), but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it brought me back into the swing of reading which was FANTASTIC! I went on to read "The Light Between Us" and "Scarlet" which I enjoyed a lot. Still working on the rest of the TBR pile though, but it is going good =).

    Ah, yes, I've been loving Goudge heaps over the past year! Actually, the first person to have introduced me to her was your sister Anna a few years ago, so it was a delight to read her books. So far I've only read 2 of her books "The Little White Horse" and "The Scent of Water" but I loved both very much.
    Agatha Christie is always great for the mystery-thrill =). No, I don't think I've read the Seven Dials Mystery! But it sounds great =). Hmm, I have a huge collection of Christie novels on my shelf that I want to pick up soon too :). She's so good.

    Lots of love, Joy
    P.S. I hope to email you soon! ^_^


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