About Joy

Photo taken by my sister Mary from the lookout at
 Verona, Italy during a trip in July, 2019.

Hello there, friend. Thank you for stopping by. 

My name is Joy. I'm a Christian girl living in a sunny little corner of Queensland, Australia. I am a reader of beautiful words, a spinner of fantastic tales, and a dreamer of impossible things! The greatest goal of my life is to love and glorify my Heavenly Father, as He guides me on the path of life. I love my family and friends deeply. Imagination is my favourite cup-of-tea, a world that I traverse daily. As an English Literature and History major at university, I war with words with my mind, pen (and naturally my laptop!) and scribble stories, play the violin, sing with my heart, photograph and draw God’s Creation as I see it, and am an avid reader of good books. Travel is one of my favourite things to do, but so is staying at home in my arm-chair, with my books and garden. 

If you stay a while, I hope you will be blessed in some small way through my little alcove of the blogsphere.

Contact me: fullnessofjoy16@gmail.com