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View I took of Australia's Glass House Mountains while climbing Mt. Beerburrum with friends this weekend

Hello. Long time no see. 
So, just a thought. Why not come back to this little space? I have grown too reticent about posting since I began uni some two years ago. Learning in an academic sphere has a way of often clamming up and even frightening one's spontaneity - it is so much easier to stick to a certain form or style and not put one's foot in the wrong place. But that also means lack of expressing one's growth, being inhibited and self-conscious and being a hoarder rather than a generous giver or sharer of the ideas one receives, by no merit of one's own. 

There is also the learning that happens outside the classroom or the readings--it happens in one's interaction with people, in the joyous adventures and painful experiences of living life, sharing and talking about it. Just think about it. Blogging can be something quite special. Why should we confirm the lie, that blogging is dead - that people have no time to read. See, you are reading this.

And you is a very special person.

So, just a thought. Shall I come back?

I will trot off back to my next essay, but first...

I read this "Prayer Before Study" by Thomas Aquinas on a friend's instagram account today and it really fits well this season of my life. I hope that if you are in a similar place - or in whatever task you undertake - that this will be a blessing to you.


St. Thomas frequently recited this before he dictated, wrote, or preached.
Ineffable Creator
Who, from the treasures of Your wisdom,
have established three hierarchies of angels,
have arrayed them in marvellous order
above the fiery heavens,
and have marshalled the regions
of the universe with such artful skill,
You are proclaimed
the true font of light and wisdom,
and the primal origin
raised high beyond all things.
Pour forth a ray of Your brightness
into the darkened places of my mind;
disperse from my soul
the twofold darkness
into which I was born:
sin and ignorance.
You make eloquent the tongues of infants.
Refine my speech
and pour forth upon my lips
the goodness of Your blessing.
Grant to me
keenness of mind,
capacity to remember,
skill in learning,
subtlety to interpret,
and eloquence in speech.
May You
guide the beginning of my work,
direct its progress,
and bring it to completion.
You Who are true God and true Man,
Who live and reign, world without end.


  1. Hello Joy,

    I just found your blog tonight. I am glad I did. That is a beautiful prayer!
    Keep looking up to the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

    In Christ,


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