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In the past posts, I have been regularly saying "my story", "the Crown of Life", "writing"... but I am sure many of you are guessing and wondering.... "What are you writing?!" Good question! One that I hope to fully answer one day, when I place directly into your hands the elegantly bound, published volume of my novel, "The Crown of Life", ( ho! I am day-dreaming again!) Lots of people post their stories on their blogs and that's just great that they have the guts to do that! But I seem to have an uncanny reluctance about doing that and am just too cautious I guess to 'let the story out' yet... well, not until it is completed at least. And yet I know how you all are wondering and guessing what this story is really about.... (or am I exaggerating here?) Well, I have decided to do something about it!!!!!! Here is a short blurb, or very brief overview about my story, particularly concentrating on the theme...
I hope you enjoy it, and I'd SO love to get feedback on it, much as I know I'll probably be boring my readers :)... so please bear with me, and.... try to enjoy!!!!!

First off, here are a couple of verses from the Bible that this story is based upon and describes the ungoing theme of it.

Blessed is the man who endures temptation;
For when he has been approved,
He will receive the crown of life
Which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.
James 1:12

Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. 
Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison,
that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days.
Be faithful until death,
and I will give you the crown of life.
Revelation 2:10

And here is just a snippet view of the Prologue of my story (P.S. this may undergo some changes in the future, so this ISN'T the final draft!!!:

           Dusk was descending fast, on the city of the Seven Hills. Daggers of light set on sconces in niches near the city wall stabbed the deep blue sky with an eerie glow.

          In the shadows of a narrow alley, a lone young woman, clutching her precious bundle, had watched as seventy-five thousand Roman citizens flooded the colossal stone structure of the Flavian Amphitheatre.
           The last few stragglers disappeared through one of the arched entrances. The narrow streets and alleys were deserted now, empty. Her heart thudded within her chest, as her mind screamed against the inevitable tragedy that awaited her loved ones inside the stone theatre that loomed with deadly strength in front of her.
          A loud bungle sounded, revibrating throughout the stadium, and sent a shiver of fear in her heart. She stared down at the bundle in her arm and clutched the tiny hand clinging to her finger, realizing that the trumpet call was a signal for the horrors to begin. No!

Enter into the world of Ancient Rome where to follow Christ might cost you everything!

"2000 years ago, when Nero Caesar ruled with a dictate and tyrannical hand as Emperor over the Roman Empire, and when a fledgling group of the Followers of the Way were secretly penetrating the corrupt, immoral force of Rome itself with a weapon more powerful than all the powers of Caesar, a young patrician Tribune, in the household of Caesar, forsakes his former life as the son of a prominent Senator in his quest to find fulfillment in his life, a purpose to live for and to find the truth. This is the story of Marcellus Gallus and his bride- the beautiful young daughter of the Legate of Rome- Claudia, who captures his heart, and who is the only one who understands him enough to follow him in his quest, a quest that would be met by oppositions greater than themselves  and would challenge all they ever stood for. Can Marcellus and Claudia overcome the intrigue of Rome, the betrayal of a childhood friend, the dangers of 1st Century Israel and the horrors that await them in the arena of the Coliseum or will the plots of an insane emperor and the jealousy of a boyhood friend conquer?

Join Marcellus, his bride and others who face the struggle of light and darkness, life and death. Would they deny their new-found faith or would faith triumph in their souls, despite the almost sure fate that awaits them if they choose to follow the path of the cross?"

Hmmm.... sorry, friends, that I won't be saying anything else for now about it! Be patient and please pray for me that the Lord will help me finish this so that you may get to read it if you want!!!!!

In His love,


  1. It will be an exciting day, when you hand me a copy of the elegantly bound novel! This story sounds so good, Joy. I'm looking forward to reading it!

    (I'm still hoping to sneak a peek in your notebook on Wednesday :))

    Love, Maddy

  2. It sure will, Maddy! I can't wait for that day!

    I am glad you like it :)... I hope you will like it as much when you actually get to read it!
    Thank you for the encouragement!

    Oh sure, I'll let you sneak peek on my notebook Lord willing on Wednesday :). Looking forward to that so much!
    Love in Him

  3. Dear Joy,
    Hey that's not fair! :) I want a peek in your notebook too! ;)

    Now seriously though. You have a lovely way of writing. I really like the theme of your story, and the story itself sounds lovely. I'm sure it will be very wonderful when it is through.
    That is beautiful.
    Praying for you that the Lord will write through you. :)

    With love your sister in Him,

  4. Hello Carra,
    :P.... yeah, it isn't fair is, it? LOL! If only I could stuff the notebook into an e-mail and send it to you... then you could have a sneak peek!!! :D

    I am glad you enjoyed this post; thank you so much for your lovely encouragement, Carra, and for your prayers! I really am looking forward to the day when you and anyone (I was just about to say 'everyone' :S) can read it! It is a hard going journey though :).

    Love in Him,


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