"You are my Hiding Place" September 11 Edition

Who will ever forget this day?
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Though I was only a wee little thing of five, nearly six, the memory of that day is still strong in my mind. I still recall, like the vivid flashes of a movie's scenes twirling one after another, the raw emotions prevailing everywhere on that day: the horror, the tragedy, the pain, the sorrow, the loss of life, the weeping and the tears. My family and I were at a Christian missionary conference then... I remember a sudden confusion that evening, a sudden look of horror on people's faces. I remember the tears, and I remember the embracing and singing and praying of that night at the meeting, when everyone prayed and comforted each other midst the grief and sadness. I remember the singing so clearly "Peace, Peace, Peace" they sang.  It had been the song already prepared by the music team earlier before the tragic events, and oh! so appropriate that day though none knew it before hand. The words of the hymn went something like this...

Your peace has passed our understandings
It is in us and will never cease 
No matter what the enemy says 
You fill our lives with peace

Peace, Peace to God's people everywhere. (2x)

Even if our feet lost their way
Your Spirit is in us and around us 
Restores our souls and guides us 
And fills our hearts with peace

(Repeat Chorus)

God's peace You've left for us
Not as the world gives do You give us
As long as Your Spirit lives in us 
Your people will always be at peace.

                                                       (Repeat Chorus twice)

I remember visiting my grandparents home later and catching quick, horrifying images on the TV screen of a white building in an explosion of orange flame and black smoke. I did not understand it all then and what that had happened, but I saw the horror of that day as everyone did and it shook me.

As I grew older, I got to know more of what happened. Like history. But unlike something that happened and we read about in textbooks for school, this thing happened within our lifetimes. Our world has never been the same since then.
Lives were altered forever...
The world has changed forever...
many died and their loved ones are still suffering even today...
And we cannot forget!
Never. Ever.

In the midst of life's storms... especially tragedy's such as these... we have and can cling to God's Promises written within His Holy Word. They are true and faithful, and a shelter and tower in the times of trial and pain. Praise the Lord Jesus that He is always, always with us and will never leave us or forsake us.
I thought to share with you this song, "You are my Hiding Place" about trusting in the Lord and that He is our Hiding Place. I pray it will bless and encourage your hearts today as we remember yet again September 11 and the events of that fateful day.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 14: 27 (KJV)

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. 
John 16: 33 (KJV)

The Cross still standing...


  1. I remember 9/11 so vividly. I was a year or so older than you then so I probably comprehended more clearly what was happening. Our family rented a tv, since we didn't own one at the time, so we could keep up with what was occurring. I was so stunned and horrified. It was one of the saddest and most horrifying days of my life and one that will always live in my memory. Thank you for this post, Joy. God bless you, dear!

    P.S. John 14:27 is my favorite verse :)

  2. I never knew that 9/11 had such a worldwide effect. I, too, was very young when it happened, and in the excitement of an up-coming birthday I didn't fully realize what was going on. But I do remember. And more than that, I have met widows that have never been the same.
    For some reason, I thought it was just the Americans who watched in horror. But I am glad to know that around the world, people were sharing our pain with us. Thanks for posting, and for the reminder that healing is found in Jesus Christ.


  3. Thank you for this beautiful post, Joy. I did a 9-11 post on my blog. Even now, so many years later, it is so hard to find the words.

  4. Annie, even to those like us who were quite young when 9/11 occurred that day is and should forever be etched in our memory. What a tragic day, so full of horror and grief! It will always live in my memory, even if I did not quite comprehend it all then. What I do remember vividly, was that missionary conference. I remember so vividly the hymns, the singing of that song "Peace, Peace" and the tears, love and prayers of the brothers and sisters in Christ as they comforted and prayed with one another that day. Now, when I look back and understand it all the more, it just makes me so sad. I honestly believe the world, and our lives haven't been the same ever since. But I know that the Lord was with His people then, even as He is with us now!

    You are welcome, dear sister. May God bless you too!

  5. Thank you for your comment, Schuyler. You know, 9/11 DID have a worldwide effect! In relation to Australia, I believe that around 15 of the victims who died in September 11 were Australians. John Howard, a former Prime Minister of Australia, had been on a visit to America and was only a street or so away from the tragedy unfolding...

    I actually was not in Australia at the time though. I may never have actually mentioned this on my blog, but I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, so my family and I were in Egypt during the events of 9/11... soon afterwards, we moved to Australia. But that day my family and I were in a missionary conference at a resort and there were many Americans present so we really felt the heartache and pain with our fellow brothers and sisters from America! You can actually read a post my sister wrote in memorial of 9/11 last year where she shares our memories of that day here

    Yes, it must be heartening to know that there were other people around the world, praying and sharing in the pain that was being so horrifyingly experienced for so many at that time. That must have been quite a touching thing, to have meet the widows of some of the victims as well... it is terrible to think that even now, there are people who are still suffering the loss of that day... thank the Lord that He is the Comforter and Healer of His People though!

    Blessings in Christ, dear sister.

  6. Holly Marie, thank you for your comment and for stopping by. How true it is, that despite the years gone by, it is still hard to write about the event... to find words for it. I read by the way your post on your blog. It was really beautiful as well, a reminder of that tragic day.

    May the Lord Jesus bless you.


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