The Exploits of Conquering Dainty Tomes

I suppose even if any of you do follow me on Goodreads (i know some of you do), my reading updates have a strain of infrequency, contradiction and a plethora of titles in the 'currently-reading' section it would be quite hard to figure out what I am actually reading. So, following the band-wagon of Abigail's post as well as Bree's, I present you with the books I am really currently reading. 

Reading comes slow these days, as I assign my time for school and writing, leaving me only with long-car-rides and foolish late night readings under torchlight to satisfy my thirst for the written word. That's why what normally would have taken me a week or two to read now takes me months on end. Spoons and fiddlesticks! I must be wise and content.

Conquering Dainty Tomes

With Christ in the School of Prayer -Andrew Murray 
I am reading this slowly mostly because I just want to glean the most I can from it, spiritually. It is a wonderful book, though, and enriching/challenging to the heart, mind and soul.)
Kidnapped -R. L. Stevenson
I am fond of David Balfour a great deal - I am taking it at a leisurely pace though thanks to lack of time. Adventure-riding stories like Stevenson's deserve not to be hurried up I find
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien - J.R.R. Tolkien
 Re-browsing through the letters I have not read yet. I feel immensely for him, because, poor fellow, he had such doubts to anyone really liking his sagas before the publishing of The Lord of the Rings ^_^
Heartless - Anne Elisabeth Stengl 
In the process of trying to decide whether the Tales of Goldstone Wood is something I would feel comfortable reading, I was fortunate to download a free ebook of Heartless on my iPod - only for skimming through it, mind you. But yesterday I started to read in it some and got 'trapped'. Oh dear! This is a bit unexpected and worrying, but so far of what I read I really liked it! Now to consider whether I should buy the first book.... :P
North and South  -Elizabeth Gaskell 
Actually I only own a free kindle version on my iPod so it is what I call a 'skim-reading'. I want to own a real copy for proper reading soon because the story has captivated me. Like, a lot!
Blood, Sweat and Tears: Australia's WWII remembered by the men and women who lived it 
- Margaret Geddes 
This book, which Sarah borrowed from the library for me, is for research to help with writing A Love that Never Fails  and, oh! it is such a trip of fun and inspiration. Soooo helpful and interesting!!!!!
The Swiss Family Robinson - Johann Wyss  
(re-reading/studying for my English course at school)

Recent completed books for school 
Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics 
- Charles Ludwig 
 Up from Slavery 
- Booker T. Washington 
(which were a real pleasure to read, despite being school-readings.)

So that is what I have been up to, bookwise. 
What have you been reading is the question on my mind. Leave a comment and talk away!


  1. It's always fun to see what people are reading! :)

    Wow, what a thick Kidnapped. Mine's a tiny little thing compared to that. It isn't a long story, but if this is your first time then don't be in haste to finish, because the first time through Allan and Davie's adventures holds a magic like no other, however enjoyable the re-reads are.

    My reading diet lately has been awful. I'm so tired that I've mainly been choking down Ellis Peter's Cadfael series. Which is a really good series, (though I would warn you on the language in it) but I don't particularly want to make a steady diet of Medieval murder mysteries. Not so healthy, as a constant thing... I'm going to try to get a handle on that soon, and maybe run through a Charles Dickens to get me back on track.

    I have Sherlock Holmes under my bed (more murder mysteries! Argh, but that's the easiest thing to read right now) and I am through the first few chapters of John Buchan's Prester John, which is a corking great African adventure novel.

    But don't worry--hope is in sight. I'll be starting "What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an" by James White, and "Positive Words in the World Gone Negitive: Stopping Words that Hurt" to be reviewed on my blog. So there is hope in sight!

    Sometimes it's a choice between writing and reading, and lately because writing needs a little more concentration than usual, I've let the reading slide a little. :)

    Anyway! That's what I've been up to. :)

    You'll love North and South! It's great fun, very melodramatic, and perhaps you've read the review on my blog?

    And I should love to know what you think of Stengl's novels, as I've been eyeing them for some time. Even a thumbs up or thumbs down when you've finished would be fantastic, when we're having a chat sometime! :)


  2. Hi Joy!
    If you have been looking at my Goodreads currently-reading list, you wouldn't know what I'm actually reading either, ha! I'm really only reading 3/8 books there!

    Right now I'm reading:

    The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford. This is an interesting book so far, but not much like the movie Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

    Courted By A Cowboy by Lacy Williams. I haven't any idea what made me get this book, because it isn't the kind of book I usually enjoy.... except maybe the fact that it was free for Kindle....... ;o ) I didn't start this one yet, but I'm hoping to begin today!

    Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann. Not very far in this, like possibly the 9th page, but this is interesting..... I'll be able to tell what I think of it later.

    Harvest Of Rubies by Tessa Afshar. At Goodreads I've already finished this book, but I've started it again! I got Harvest Of Rubies for free at Amazon :o D and I really enjoyed it. (It's still free by the way, but only until August 9th.)

    I am reading some more books, but not very fast so I'll stop now. God bless, Joy! Have a great day!

  3. Hopefully this comment comes through properly. ;)

    *grins* It's funny, I'm actually the exact opposite of you when it comes to Goodreads; instead of having a confusing conglomeration of titles on my "currently reading" shelf, I generally have fewer books than what I'm really reading! I loved this post, I'm quite fond of posts where people ramble about their Current Reads and then add photos. :) I haven't started _With Christ in the School of Prayer_ yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I will be reading it slowly for the same reason as you are. :) "Kidnapped" is on my To Read list and I know for a fact that our town library has's just a matter of finding time to drive there. I really, really, REALLY want to read Tolkien's letters!! Perhaps you could post an excerpt? *hopeful smile*
    The "tales of Goldstone Wood" intrigue me immensely. O.O I'm to get the chance to read Heartless sometime soon...what do you think of it thus far? Anything questionable?
    Ahhh, "North and South". *happy sigh* I love that book so much. ^^_^^ Have you finished it yet? You must tell me 'zactly what you think about it, precious. *nods* :)

    Sooo, my reads are as follows;

    Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. I just started this yesterday (having finished "Little Dorrit" I wanted something rather easier to digest.) and I love it so far. I've seen the BBC miniseries (excellent) so I know the story line,but it's lovely to be reading the actual book. :)
    I also just finished the beta copy Elizabeth sent me of "Bridled" and I'm reading "Fly Away Home" too. I think that's all at the moment...also you said 'spoons and fiddlesticks'!!! *happy squeal* ^_^

    Love you, sweetie!! *hugs*

    ~ Your Samwise

  4. Schuyler, my copy of Kidnapped is pretty thick by all accounts, but it is a pretty Vintage Cover edition, a nice looking paperback with clear font which probably adds to its thickness. Indeed, I have just finished reading that chapter wherein the Red Fox is killed a few days ago, and that was just so tingling heart-in-mouth scene. I am loving it, slow though my pace is!

    Sometimes, our reading diets can suffer a bit after heavy, beautiful and rich material. I have, funnily enough, never heard of the Ellis Peter's Cadfael series, though it sure sounds interesting. I love how you consider Dickens a fellow to bring you 'back on track' - that's never how I've seen Dickens' writings, but then again, I've only read one major novel for him though I hope to read more of him soon, Lord willing.

    Sherlock Holmes is entertaining yet not fluff, and I miss reading his stories a great deal. Reminds me, I got to write this post on my thoughts on the BBC Sherlock with Cumberbatch and Freeman soon, as requested!

    I'd be interested to know what your thoughts on such a book as the one by James White's are once you finish it. Quite the subject of our times! I like the sound of "Positive Words in the World Gone Negative" =) do tell me how that goes!

    Definitely I know what you mean about the choice of focusing on reading or writing. Perhaps because writing lately has been a challenge in an ever busy schedule of daily life, I've opted for reading a lot more these days. But that in turn inspires me to write, and I semi-abandon my books!

    Yes, I read your review of North and South... my sisters and I bought a copy of the movie which we look forward to watching together fully, and also I plan on reading the book itself soon as I can, once I am finished with Kidnapped Lord willing!

    Ah! Stengl's novels - you've been eyeing them too? I have not quite made up my mind as to my thoughts on her stories, and whether I should like them or not (I've almost finished reading Heartless on my ipod - a painful reading exercise- and won a copy of her latest book, Dragonwitch on a blog so the copy should be in the mail soon. But seeing I haven't read the rest of the series, it is hard to judge. I have to say though, that generally I quite enjoyed Heartless. It has its flaws - especially theologically I found - but it is not over the top with the magical elements (though it is definitely there). Heartless has strong C.S. Lewis elements in particular to be found in his novel, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Eustace becoming a dragon... etc. The Christian themes are definitely there, though sometimes a little blurred in the way the focus is on the story. Hmm, definitely I'll tell you my full thoughts on it maybe in a chat or something!

  5. Dear Joy,

    Long time, no comment – on my part at least. I don't think I ever got around to returning your sweet comment on my blog. My apologies.

    Anyway, on the topic of your blog post. I am on goodreads, but I haven't updated my account in ages. I don't even have a clue what is on my currently reading list! I also know that I could add quite a few new books which I have read (such as the Lord of the Rings triology!).

    I enjoyed hearing about the books you have been reading. Andrew Murray is on my list of authors which I have never read and would like to read – have you read any other books by him? With Christ in the School of Prayer sounds like it would be a really good read. I have never read Kidnapped – always thought of it as a rather gorey read; am I wrong there?! I have read North and South, being fond of Elizabeth Gaskell. I would definitely recommend getting yourself a 'real' copy. Have you tried Cranford, also by E. G.?

    Like you, I can struggle to find time to read. Lately, I have been reading Gold by Moonlight by Amy Carmichael and gleaning all-important and encouraging lessons from it along the way. Currently, it is stuck full of little pink sticky notes marking the places which I have found especially encouraging! That is the only book I can really claim to be reading through at the moment, along with My Utmost for His Highest. Must try to find more time for reading; books are so important.


  6. Indeed, Ysa; I do much the same on Goodreads =). I love your reading list! Ooo, I love the movie, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey !! It is one of my favourite animal movies ^_^ So, how are you liking the book so far?

    Free books on kindle can be a great blessing, especially if it is for a book you are only half-keen on reading anyway, or the sort of genre one is not likely to pick up immediately. Harvest of Rubies sounds especially good, just going by the title :). I wish I had downloaded it while it was free, but I have been so busy. I shall have to keep an eye open for that one!

    Thank you so much for commenting, Ysa! God bless!

  7. Ooo, I am so sorry that the comment didn't get through the first time, dear :p ... thank you so much for lovingly re-commenting!! :D you always warm the cockles of my heart by every sweet comment you lovingly drop on this little blog o' mine!! :D *huggles*

    THERE! We have found something we are different about at last, *grins* =) <3 <3 *chuckles* That's funny, but not strange as sometimes too my Goodreads status gets outdated and I start/finish books I never mentioned on this happy little online place of books.

    Aww, I am glad you liked this post! Do tell me how you enjoy With Christ in the School of Prayer when you do pick it up, I've been finding it so very encouraging and challenging! *nodshead* Ah, mon samwise will like Kidnapped, methinks. You've read Treasure Island, yes? I haven't!

    *smiles indulgently* do you know something, my loveable goosie? I think that is a grand old idea to share some of Tolkien's letter excerpts on my blog! That's a good idea... I have been so very busy lately so I don't know when I can get the chance, but I shall try not to disappoint you if I can help it! Do try to get your hand on a copy though =). It is such a blast of fun to read Master Tolkien!

    The Tales of Goldstone Wood has intrigued me as well, so I am glad we are together in this! I have not quite finished Heartless yet, but from what I've read I don't believe it has anything too disturbing or 'questionable'! You can read my above comment in response to Schuyler's question in regard to it. Lord willing I shall try to write a review upon finishing it! :D

    *joins her darling sweetie in a happy sigh* - North and South is quite special indeed! Ah, no, I haven't been properly reading it, more like skimming through it as I mentioned in the post, but I just bought a copy online and can't wait to dig my teeth into it. Sarah's already read it! I can't wait to watch the full miniseries with my sisters =). I will tell you, darlin' as soon as I have read it!

    I love your reading list muchly. How nice is the movie, Wives and Daughters? Ooo, yes, I've noticed your enthusiasm for Bridled by Elizabeth =). How wonderful! It sounds like a wonderful book =). Ah, *squeals* Fly Away Home! How far are you into it? I've read quite a bit in it this past week and it is quite AMAZING!!

    Haha, I like to make you happy =).

    Love ya! *hugs back*


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