"His Name is Bilbo!"

*SQUEALS!!!!!!!!!!* The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug main trailer is finally out. Oh dear, dear me! This is SO SO EPIC!!!!!! The 2nd Hobbit movie (2nd in a trilogy of movies) also looks much more intense/darker than the 1st movie, which had its load of light-hearted adventurous humour.I JUST.CAN'T.WAIT! Dec 26 can't come soon enough... I think I've so far watched it like 5 times? Smaug looks so very impressive, I squealed over the Bilbo and Gandalf and Thorin as well as Bard bits and am very curious about the part where Gandalf says 'we've been blind! In our blindness our enemy has returned!' and then we see the eye of Sauron. Hmm, interesting. And Beorn promises to be captivating... I am definitely looking forward to December, for more reasons than one ^_^.

Gandalf: 'What did you find?'Bilbo: 'I found... my courage!'Gandalf: 'Good, you'll need it.'


  1. I'm so excited!!!
    And I love your blog design, Joy! It looks absolutely lovely! :D

  2. Yay!! I can hardly wait, either!! Love that Gandalf/Bilbo bit...'Good! You'll need it!!'...with Gandalf's bristling brows! Yes, can't wait!

  3. Elizabeth Kirkwood - I am so excited too! Thank you so much for stopping by, I am glad you like the design. Hannah Beasley created the design for me - isn't it great?

  4. Sarah - 'Gandalf's bristling brows'... oh yes!! <3 I can't wait too!

  5. I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!!!!!!! *squealing* O.O That 2nd trailer was so very, very, very, EPIC!!! Holly managed to get it to load on her phone last Tuesday so she and I watched it together twice (everybody else was in bed). Then on the following day all us girls had to make a quick trip to the City to buy shoes for Rema and Jacq for the wedding so since we had 4G I loaded it on Mum's phone. The girls and I watched probably about 4 or 5 times. *grins*
    I love it. And I am SO excited!!!!!! It was epickal seeing more footage of Legolas fighting. And Smaug!! Of course, his voice is awesome. I instantly thought "It's Sherlock!!". ;) ^_^
    Ahh, yes, that part with Gandalf and then the Eye of Sauron is exciting. It's lovely knowing the storyline so well that I can guess what is probably happening. =D I can't wait to see the part in Mirkwood! And Beorn!! And when Bilbo goes down the tunnel...I wonder if Thorin starts changing from the gold enchantment in this one. It certainly looked like he might. O.o

  6. Oh, I can't wait for the next Hobbit movie to come out and the extended edition of the first Hobbit!!!!
    I've enjoyed looking around your blog!

    P.S. I really like the 1940s your story looks very neat!


  7. Annie - I love your comments :DD You always manage to make me smile - *nods* I am so looking forward to the coming out of DOS Hobbit!!! And this trailer - wasn't it so epic? I agree - I loved all those little bits of footage with Legolas, Bard, and SMAUG! Wow, yes I did think of Sherlock for a split second when I heard his voice as the dragon :)). I think it will be AMAZING! Oh yes, it will be fascinating all these bits... My favourite bits though were with Bilbo and Thorin and Gandalf... :)) and Bard too. Hmm, I wondered about that with Thorin; it sure looks like it!


  8. Morgan - it is always such a special thing to make new blogging friends! I love your blog too! I am glad you've got a fascination with the 1940s and WW2 History, because I am quite into it as well. Aww, thank you! :)

    Many blessings in Christ, Joy <3 (thank you for commenting and following my blog!)


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