NaNo, Here I Come!

But perhaps there is neither gain nor loss.
For us, there is only the trying.
The rest is not our business.
East Coker, T.S. Eliot

Well, the wheels of time have yet again turned to this inky scribbling mad-dash time of the year: 'tis November! And yes, I have decided to join in NaNoWriMo again. It was such a delightful experience last year, and though I was unable to finish a full novel then, I still got a lot of writing accomplished which I normally don't get a chance to do. This year I will be working pretty much from scratch on my novel, A Love that Never Fails. My aim will be to try to reach those 50,000 words - but all we can do is try our best. That's what I will do, since this November is rather chock-block full with things, including lots of end-of-year school goals and a family music concert at the end of the month that is taking a deal of work and practise beforehand. But I am really excited to finally get the chance to dig my heels into this story and simply WRITE! 

So, like last year, I will be taking an Internet break for the space of November. That includes: facebook, google+, pinterest (except for a few pins for my ALTNF storyboard), goodreads and of course blogging (posting and commenting). I have one pre-scheduled post in mind, plus a couple of wonderful sweet guest-posters who will be filling up my space on Fullness of Joy during November; I hope you will enjoy their posts just as I am/have! They're quite thought-provoking ones actually. So hang around this blog still - it won't be abandoned!

If any of you would like to contact me I will be still checking my email inbox, and occasionally replying throughout November though at a leisurely pace: Oh! And if you are joining NaNoWriMo too - will you please buddy me? My user-name is Joy C. and I am buddies of Bree Holloway, Elizabeth Rose, Jennifer Freitag, Emily and Abigail Hartman if you wish to find me there :-). Lastly, I would appreciate if you could remember to pray for me that I will remain inspired and write for God's glory. Thanks... ^_^ See you in December, Lord willing!
And this is for your enjoyment since you all have been so nice in liking Ernest Gilford!

A golden touch of afternoon sunshine seeped through the black-out skylight of the room, and dust speckles floated like fairy dust about. Jane glanced about her. Even the nursery felt and looked different – upside down and out-of-place, like a crab in a forgotten forest. It was almost... lonely. 
                      A Love that Never Fails