Through the Looking Glass Literary Tag - Day 4 "The Modern Novel and Ink Stains"

Last night, I shared this on my social media outlets: "officially, my blog party is over, as the giveaway has ended - however, we still have two more tags to complete before we wind off this fun literary affair. . . "The Modern Novel and Ink Stains" and "Children's Stories and Non-Fiction Books" which should be posted, Lord willing, Tuesday and Wednesday each and I hope you all join in with your own posts. Hopefully, we will pick out the winner of the giveaway on Thursday! So, anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the next tag; it should be up tomorrow!"

And, I am in great tears and sorrow, right now. . . *sniff sniff* You see, I wrote out those questions last night, and got a good headway with my answers as well; and then, being past midnight, I closed and chose to come back and finish the post tonight. Half a sleep tonight, I opened up my drafts page and. . .

Blogger hadn't saved it, and I just about lost the whole post! sobbing tearfully in a big Alice-inWonderland-Puddle

But ho ho hum, there is always a way out, even if it isn't exactly how I would have liked it to go. I was able to write down the questions on my notebook earlier, so we are not in total desolation. No, not at all, I should think. Here, see everyone, this is my second-last list of tag-questions for you all to join in, "The Modern Novel and Ink Stains" and hopefully, I shall try to respond to those questions myself later this week. Actually, I had been meaning to to simply make a "general fiction" tag and that was that, but Schuyler from My Lady Bibliophile helped spark the idea that you'd all probably enjoy a writing tag, since at least half of us book bloggers, are also writers in our own right (thanks for the prompt, Schuyler!!). So, folks, please join in the fun of the second last day of Through the Looking Glass Literary Blog Party. . . 
"The Modern Novel" 
(or general fiction questions)
1. Who are your most-well-loved authors of the mid to late twentieth century (. . . 1930s-1980s)?
2. Your favourite authors of the twenty-first century?
3. Which genres do you tend to read the most and enjoy from more modern fiction?
4. Are you more willing to invest yourself in a fictional trilogy/or series or prefer the stand-alone novel better?
5. While it is generally agreed that nothing beats classic fiction, there is much gold in the new too! What are the positive qualities and styles of modern works that you appreciate?
6. What is your greatest hope for modern fiction?
7. List 5 books by modern authors you have read which you either hope or predict will become "classics" in years to come.
8. In reading modern books, do you predominantly read from the secular or Christian market?
9. List three of your favourite novels written in this century.
10. Of various as yet-unpublished books that you know something about, what are 5 that you most wish to read one day?
* * * * * *
"The Ink Stains" Questions. . . 
(the writing tag)
1. For how long have you been seriously novel-writing? What sparked you to move from simply writing in a "dabbling" fashion for fun to pursuing your writing to a higher-level?
2. Do you wish, ultimately, to entertain your readers and make them smile, or rather to inspire, challenge them and move them to tears?
3. What are two of your favourite genres to write in?
4. Will you please tell us a little about your current writing project (novel-in-progress, short story, novella, etc. . . )?
5. How long have you been working on it? What is the backstory of how you started this novel?
6. Have you written other stories/books (or currently writing others)? Do tell us a little about them please!
7. Out of all the characters you've ever written, who is your favourite?
8. When you complete this novel, do you plan on preparing it for publication or rather leave it to "marinate" and start a new work with the hopes of improving your writing first?
9. Isaac Newton was known to have said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Who do you see as having been the literary giants or "Greats" that have inspired and influenced your writing thus far?
10. Can you picture any of your novels being adapted into movies? In the stuff of your dreams, who would you cast for your main characters?
11. As you write, how often do you find yourself learning any of the lessons or going through any of the journeys/struggles of your characters?
12. As a Christian, how does your faith affect your writing generally? Is your current novel overtly Christian or more subtly under-girded with your faith and worldview?
13. In one word each, how would you describe each of the main characters of your novel?
14. Are there any aspects of your novel that have taken you by surprise?
15. How do you think the main characters of your novel would react if he or she were introduced to you?
16. Do you plan, Lord-willing, on pursuing the traditional mainstream route of finding an agent, etc, and waiting it out, or do you consider indi publishing (self-publishing) a healthy alternative?
17. Out of the many themes and messages, what would be the one closest to your heart that you should like to share through your writing?

I will be back soon :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Such excellent questions! I am already chuckling over a few, because they will require a great deal of 'letting go' of my privacy, so to speak. :D Very, very clever, my dear. ;) I look forward to doing this on Friday!

    So sorry you lost your work. :( That's always a bummer. But I look forward to reading your answers as well.


  2. Oh you poor thing! Losing all your work is so annoying! Good think you had it written down... I wouldn't have... ;)

    I've done my link as you have probably seen... :) Have fun! :D

  3. Schuyler, with my trip to England I had no chance of commenting on your blog-post but I so enjoyed your writing post! I am glad some of the questions were able to pry a few secrets from your sealed lips too ;). Just to get an overview of what your story is like, having already read that first chapter, makes me so eager to read the full novel one day soon :D.

    Oh yes, I was mortified about losing that blog-post (I think I was so tired and upset, I cried!), but hopefully I will still be able to write up my answers to this tag question and also do the last final tag to the party (long-delayed) on the children's fiction genre as well as non-fiction books soon.

    Thank you so much for joining the tags of this party, Schuyler - you know, I have so enjoyed your posts :).

  4. :D Emily, Thanks for joining in the tags - I really enjoyed your post!
    Oh, I actually wrote the questions first in the notebook and then on my blog, so it wasn't total disaster that time, thank the Lord ;).

    Thanks, I will!


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