Top Ten Series of Books I'd Like to Finish. . . | Actually, more like 17

Meet my cute literary-dog, Atticus!
I am an odd little ball with finishing a series, because predominantly in the past, once I started a book in a series, and liked it enough, I was quite prompt to grab those other copies, and finish that series. This year has been a little bit of an exception for me, as I've read the first book in more than one trilogy/series but have not had the opportunity to get my hand on, or find the time to finish the rest of the books. It's something I'm working on, but I am actually not stressed about it, because when a series ends that I like, I feel quite sad about it, so I don't mind stretching the enjoyable experience of anticipation over a long stretch of time ;) Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun if I joined in The Broke and the Bookish "Top Ten Tuesday" of a few weeks ago, and share with you the book-series I've not finished (yet) but really want to!

I read the first book, A Cast of Stone, earlier this year, after hearing Schuyler mention it on several occasions on her blog, and really quite enjoyed the adventure and quest-like nature of the story. Also Errol was a really engaging and interesting hero; the ending of A Cast of Stone left me on tenterhooks with the revelations and plot-twists and danger, so I'd like to see how the story pans out for young Errol and his friends. 

The Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl: "Poison Crown".

I've read all of the books and novellas in Stengl's "Goldstone Wood" series as they stand published so far, and they are so good! It's an excellent fairy-tale/ish Christian fantasy series for young people; I highly recommend this series, folks! But the wonderful thing is the series is still unfinished, and Anne Elisabeth has plans for more books which I am eagerly looking forward to :). In fact, she's been working on Book 8 in the series, "Poison Crown: Smallman's Heir" for a long while now, but has currently chosen to put it on hold for a break to work on other projects, so we may have wait a few years before the next Goldstone Wood comes out. . . *sniffs sadly* 

I read A Distant Melody a few years ago, and loved it! Basically, as far as I gather, the Wings of Glory series is a set of three books, each book telling the story of one of the three Novak brothers, Ray, Jack and Walt. A Distant Melody tells the story of the youngest, Walt, who is in the Air Force during WW2, and about a young woman who correspondences with him called Allie. It was a great debut novel and just a sweet historical romance about WW2 which I thoroughly enjoyed - despite the romantic plot, the story had other in-depth themes and well-written characters, so that the romance did not leave out those elements. I also loved the exploration of the themes of honesty, sacrifice, and love through-out the story and really loved that ending! I'm very much looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy and discover the stories of Walt's two older brothers. (P.S. I'm actually currently reading A Memory Between Us!)

Like with A Distant Melody, I loved the first book in this series, With Every Letter immensely. While some elements of the romance bugged me a little, I loved all the historical detail and richness of the plot! It was just so good. The characters were so well-rounded and captivating, and I loved the idea of two people getting to come and love each other through letters. I then started the second book "On Distant Shores". . . but oh dear! While the historical detail was as stellar as the first book, the romance and the plot of relationships between the different characters got on my nerves too much, and I just had to lay aside the book, sadly. The romance wasn't my cup-a-tea, plus it had a streak of feminism which I didn't like. However, I might consider picking up  "In Perfect Time" sometime and giving it a go, just because of how good Sundin writes WW2 history. We shall have to see. . . 

This was a series I discovered while browsing online, and because of my love WW2 stories, I picked up the first book in the series "All God's Children". It was quite good, and sad in parts. The story dealt with the White Rose movement with Sophie Scholl which I found really interesting. I can't say it was exceptional in any way, and the writing-style wasn't my favourite part, but I think it was good enough so that I'd like to read the other two books in the series.

The Love Comes Softly Series by Janette Oke.

I was not super keen for the film series with Michael Landon Jr, but I really did like the first two books, Love Comes Softly, and Love's Enduring Promise, better than the films, and would really love to continue the series. . .

Luner Chronicles by Merissa Meyer. 

Now this is technically cheating to include this series in this list, because I've only just started Cinder, but so far I'm intrigued to read the full series, as I've heard quite a few interesting things about it. . . and I know that is a very shallow motivation, but they have such gorgeous book-covers! 
Jeeves and Wooster series P.G. Wodehouse.

So far, I've only read Right Ho, Jeeves, and saw the first two or three episodes of Jeeves and Wooster tv show with Stephan Fry, but I'm hooked! I want to read all the P.G. Wodehouse books now, and most definitely all the Jeeves & Wooster series in particular. Such a good dose of humour, comedy and nonsensical wit to lift the soul :). 
Hercule Poirot series Agatha Christie.

I've seen several of the episodes in the tv show with David Schuett, but so far I've only read one of Agatha Christie's novels, Murder on the Orient Express, but I really liked that one, so I need to read her other stories. . . !
The sequel to The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald.

The Princess and the Curdie. Technically I don't think this is a series, but I really loved The Princess and the Goblin, so I'd love to continue the story with The Princess and the Curdie.
War of the Realms series by Chuck Black.

I've already read Cloak of the Light, which I really loved, and book 2 Rise of the Fallen, which I am still all in a muddle about (that book challenged me quite a bit, and made me think a lot, but I'm not sure I agree with all the spiritual allegory/symbolism the author used. Need to ponder that one more). But as far as I know, it will end up being a trilogy of three books, so I would like to read the last book when it comes out by and by, despite some of my reservations with the series. I've just really loved a lot of Chuck Black's writing over the years (you should all check out The Knights of Arrethtrae series - so good!), so it would be neat to see how his writing continues to develop in the years ahead.

A good friend introduced me to the author Kim Vogel Sawyer, and I really loved My Heart Remembers - it was a good, decent historical fiction story that I found engaging, so I'd love to read the companion novel, In Every Heartbeat and continue the story with new characters. . . 
Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee.

Well, I read To Kill a Mockingbird earlier this year, and loved it so much. I wasn't surprised it made it to one of my favourite ever book-list :). Atticus Finch was my favourite part of the book, but I just loved Scout as well. And the writing was beautiful and raw and poignant. I definitely loved this modern classic. Despite the controversy around this book, I do want to read Go Set a Watchman - not so much because it's a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird and will wow me the same way. . . I know it won't; but I do love this type of literary fiction, and I'd love to read more of Harper Lee's writing (a wee bit apprehensive though about whether my view of Atticus will be spoilt in any way?).
The Dolphin Ring Cycle by Rosemary Sutcliff.

I've read so far "The Eagle and the Ninth", "The Silver Branch", "The Lantern Bearers" and "The Shield Ring" which all fall under the Dolphin Ring Cycle, but I'd definitely like to read Sutcliff's other novels that are a part of that series (I'd read love to read all the books I can for Sutcliff!)

The Hawk and the Dove series by Penelope Wilcock.

I read the first book in this series back in May after having noticed the series several times online and being especially intrigued by its premise of medieval monastery life and its focus on how to live a godly life and show love to your neighbours. I really loved The Hawk and the Dove, and would love to continue the series and read The Wounds of God soon. . . 
The Plenilune Series by Jennifer Freitag.

Now, I had such mixed feelings about Plenilune when I read it early this year, however I do believe that if Jenny did publish her subsequent books in the series I would pick them up. On two grounds - firstly, I loved the first half of Plenilune exceedingly - I loved the richness of her world and characters and her beautiful prose. That book definitely made me think. And then, though I did not like the ending, and was upset about certain aspects/themes in the story regarding justice, mercy and violence, I would love to re-read Plenilune to see if I might be able to appreciate her perspective better without the shock factor of a first read; I'd also like to read more of her writing because she is a good writer, and I loved what she did in The Shadow Things and I have learnt so much from her over the years. . . 

Ooh, what a cozy English mystery Anon, Sir, Anon, was! I'd definitely pick up more Vivi & Farnham Mysteries if Rachel should ever release another one (which I think she has plans to by and by?). . . 


  1. Rachel's books look interesting. I will have to check into them.;)
    I love Patrick Carr's series! I'm thrilled that he is coming out with another one.
    Cloak of the Light was a great story, but I had a hard time getting into the second book. Perhaps because it went back in time at the beginning.

  2. I really like The Tales of Goldstone Wood but have only managed to get copies of three of them, one by being an influence reader. I don't think I have even read many of these books on your list, but there are some I know I want to!

  3. I have not read most of these (and some of them I've never heard of). I'm right there with you on Tales of Goldstone Wood... and while I'm sad that it will be a while before any more Tales are released... I still haven't read Golden Daughter (despite the fact that I got it for my birthday last year) OR Draven's Light! So this break gives me a chance to catch up!!

    The Love Comes Softly series is fantastic! I love the books so much. The first movie was good, but I felt like the main reason the movies didn't turn out so well was because they kept using different actors and actresses to play certain characters.

    I'd be interested to know how you feel about the Princess and Curdie... I didn't like it nearly as much as the first one.

  4. I have read A Cast of Stones, and like you haven't been able to get a hold of the other books. I really liked the first one and would like to see how the series turns out. Also, the characters were great and I love it when the characters stand out.

  5. I haven't read any of these! Honestly, it's rare that I read the first book in a series and like it enough to seek out more. Luckily when that does happen, I'm usually so behind in reading it, the books are already out, so I can read them all immediately.

  6. Tales of Goldstone Woods. - YES.
    The Lunar Chronicles. - YES!
    I still have to finish both of these series and I really need to badlyyyy. I've just read Cinder out of the Lunar Chronicles, but really enjoyed it, so am looking forward to the rest of the series. :D

    (also, just wanted to point out -- when I tried to comment on this post, there's no comment button on the bottom? I would recommend placing one there because I almost didn't comment because I wasn't sure how. Up to you. ;)

    Katie Grace | A Writer's Faith

  7. I've got the same worries about reading Go Set A Watchman! *trembles* I do have it on audio so I WILL read it but omg...I don't want the Atticus I know and love to be ruined in my mind. Because my DOG IS NAMED AFTER HIM, OMG. And I can't change that, haha. *ahem* ALSO YOU MUST FINISH THE CINDER SERIES AT SOME POINT BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL PERFECTION! :D Scarlet is my most favourite and I'm absolutely dyyyying for Winter.

    I'm notoriously bad at finishing things. SHAMEFUL. I know. But I start like 10 series and finish off 1. -_- This year I'm trying harder though! And I actually binge-read an entire trilogy in a week, which is a feat for me, because I usually read one book and then the second like months later. xD

  8. Brace yourself for a very long comment, Joy!

    I love the Tales of Goldstone Wood so much. I used to be resistant to reading modern fantasy that wasn't one of the classics such as the books by Tolkien and Lewis since much of the modern fantasy on the market either falls short or rubs me the wrong way. Then I read Heartless, and Anne Elisabeth Stengl's books have become some of the only modern fantasy books I enjoy right now. I love how much depth they hold and how beautiful Anne Elisabeth's writing is.

    I really love the Lunar Chronicles as well. Marissa Meyer is the best at melding fairytales and science fiction together. I would warn you about Fairest, though. I read it, and I thought Marissa Meyer did a good job of showing why Levana is so evil, but I was disappointed that the content wasn't as clean as what I come to expect from her books.

    I've read a few of Agatha Christie's books, and they're all so clever. Gosh, Hercule Poirot is smart! The only problem with me and the Hercule Poirot mysteries is that I am a wimp and therefore get scared easily. I saw and read Murder on the Orient Express and was thoroughly terrified. That might have been because that was a few years ago when I was pretty little, but I still think even now I would be terrified.

    And on the subject of mysteries, I just got Code of the Woosters from a library book sale this summer. I love the slapdashery feel of classic humor, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. There's a funny thing about P.G. Wodehouse, though. My grandma has a ton of books at her house and when I visit she lets me pick some out and bring as many home as my parents will allow, and the last time I went there she pointed out P.G. Wodehouse's mysteries. I thought they would be scary like Agatha Christie's mysteries, so I didn't even check them out at all...Well, now I know I guess!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird, Joy! That is my favorite book. You're right in that Go Set a Watchman will not wow you in the same way, but, if you're anything like me, it will still wow you just as much. It had a very different feel to To Kill a Mockingbird and there's definitely a lot more that you have to read into to understand, but I enjoyed it very much. As for your view of Atticus changing, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that. Personally, after reading some of the chapters several times, I found that my view of Atticus did not change very much for the worse. Rather, I just began to understand him and the whole family more, if that makes sense.

    I am loving The Eagle of the Ninth so far even though my reading has interrupted for school, so I'm glad it's a book you enjoyed. And now I'm also adding Patrick Carr's books to my to-read list!

    Great list, Joy! I loved reading it!

  9. Amanda, I think you'll really love Rachel Heffington's novels - especially "Anon, Sir, Anon" is lovely and such a warm, cozy murder mystery! Ooh, I need to finish Patrick Carr's trilogy. . . I'm excited he's writing more books too :D.
    As for The Rise of the Fallen by Chuck Black - I found it exceedingly well-written, but I just struggled with the whole concepts Black introduced in regards to angels and sometimes felt he took too many liberties? I enjoyed reading from the angel's perspective, but I have to admit I missed Drew!

    Thank you for commenting!

  10. Hi Joy!
    I'm Ella ( I follow you on Instagram).

    Glad to know there's another 'Tales of GoldstoneWoods' series. It such a beautifully written series. I need to buy her latest novella. It looks really cool:)

  11. Clare, oh you got to read the rest of the Goldstone Wood series! They're just so good :). I'd love to know how you think of them as you read them! Thank you for commenting :D.

  12. Jenelle, I think I'll try and comfort myself by re-reading the entire series over again until she releases something or anything ;). You'll love "Golden Daughter" I think - so good!!

    Mm, so far I've loved the books for "Love Comes Softly", but that is definitely true. The change of actors in the series quite irked me and made me not enjoy it half so well. So glad Michael Landon did not do that with "Little House" show ^_^.

    I'll keep you informed if I get the chance to read "The Princess and the Curdie" sometime. Thank you for your lovely comment, Jenelle!

  13. Jack, you read "A Cast of Stones" too? Oh yes, it was a wonderful fantasy adventure! I really loved the element of the medieval church-system in that fantasy world - quite a unique aspect to the story, and Errol was a fantastic and interesting hero for sure. Maybe we should buddy-read "The Hero's Lot"? Thank you for commenting!

  14. Hello Stephanie! Thank you for your comment - if there's any series I should recommend to you from this lot, it would definitely be Anne Elisabeth Stengl's novels. They're so good! Oh dear! I do hope you find a full series that you really enjoy - they can be so much fun when one does find a good one, because there is so much to be invested with the characters and plots and world-building, it can be quite phenomenal!

  15. Hello Katie Grace, thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I do appreciate the extra time you took to leave this note, especially as the comment button was difficult to find! Thank you for pointing it out, however, I DO have a comment button at the bottom of each post, but instead of "comment" the hyperlink is called " "sweet notes". . . I'm not very savvy with the HTML thing, so I'll have to get back to my blog-designer and ask her how to change the name of the link to comment so as not to confuse others. Thanks, anyway!

    But, isn't "The Tales of Goldstone Wood" fantastic? You positively must read the last few books, "Dragonwitch" "Shadow Hand" "Golden Daughter" - they're the best! I'm looking forward to seeing how I like the Luner Chronicles as well - I've heard many things of it.

  16. CAIT! Your comments always bring a smile to my face, darling :D.

    *sighs worriedly* I know what you mean about "Go Set a Watchman" - I just discovered Atticus and "To Kill a Mockingbird" this year, I'd really hate to kill my love of it in any way. . .but so far the things I've heard of it, while not phenomenal, seem positive and worth me giving it a go. I do plan on doing so, as soon as I get my hand on a copy (it's super expensive!) and after I've had another re-read of "To Kill a Mockingbird". Aw, and I do love your puppy dog Atticus. He's so cuteee!

    Ooh, you'll be happy to know I plan on starting Cinder this coming week, and I am super excited. Oh my goodness, the cover of "Winter" is SO PRETTY!

    Mmm, me too, but sometimes it's fun to stretch a series over a long time, so long as I don't forget all the details. But then there comes a time when it's good to catch up ;). Thanks for commenting, Cait!

  17. Ana, I love your comments, and the longer the happier, I always say!

    I felt exactly the same way about reading modern fantasy, and it took me forever to try out "the Goldstone Wood series" but once I did, I fell in love with her writing so much! Do you have a favourite Goldstone Wood book? Mine is a terribly difficult tie between "Shadow Hand" and "Dragonwitch", though "Starflower" and "Moonblood" and "Golden Daughter" very closely follow.

    I'm eager to try out the Luner Chronicles, though I am doing so cautiously; I'm concerned about any questionable content it might contain, and I really want to read the books carefully, being observant of the worldviews, etc. But it looks like a delightful series, and fairy-tales in a science-fiction setting sounds intriguing to say the least. Thanks for that warning about Fairest - I read a review for it by Hannah Williams as well, and it definitely put me on my guard not to read that one.

    Haha, Agatha Christie can raise the suspense of the crime and who-dun-it to a totally terrifying level, for sure! But it is so much fun reading Hercule Poirot solve them - Sherlock Holmes will be always my favourite detective, but I love the 1930s/40s setting of Agatha Christie's novels . I read "Murder on the Express Orient" when I was rather young too, but I don't remember being that scared, though the story is very grim. I *do* get terrified watching some of the episodes though. . . they can be really scary to watch *shudders at the memory of watching the ABC murder episode*!

    Ooh, I hope you enjoy "The Code of the Woosters"! I just read it earlier this month and had such a good time with it! :D Oh my, no, P.G. Wodehouse is by no means a crime-mystery series *chuckles at the story*. . . it's totally a mystery-comedy of Wooster bumbling about into awkward social situations and Jeeves, his valet, being on hand to rescue him from it at the very end ;). You'll be sure to have a good laugh or two. . .

    Thank you for your thoughts on "Go Set a Watchman", Ana! You've definitely encouraged me to read it!! :D Now to get my hand on a copy!! And oh yes, I really *did* love "To Kill a Mockingbird" - such a beautiful book. . .

    Hope you like Rosemary Sutcliff's writing - she's one of my favourite authors, though I never thought she'd be like that when I first read "The Eagle of the Ninth"; her subsequent novels are perhaps even better! I think you may well enjoy "A Cast of Stone" as well.

    God bless, Ana, and thank you for your lovely comment, dear! <3

  18. Hi Ella!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! :). Isn't the "Goldstone Wood" series beautiful? Ah, her novellas are excellent too. "Draven's Light" is one I'd highly recommend!


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