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"There is always time for tea. No matter how busy you are, everyone is benefited by a dignified moment of quiet or conversation." - Joy Clarkson

Hello friends! It's been a busy few weeks lately, crammed with so many things in my life, from concerts and wonderful books being read and treasured, to studying long hours and driving exams and many a stressful day wondering how I'll cope with things... This is just a little chat I wanted to have with you all to kind of keep you updated :).

Q&A: For one thing, my blog's 5th birthday/blogaversary is coming up really soon! I'm so amazed and excited about that, I'm hoping to make a little bit of a celebration of it, maybe with some tags and a giveaway or something. It's still in the early stages of planning, but I do know I want to make a Q&A post on my blog soon in time for the blog-birthday, so if you all have any questions (blog, writing, literary or life/discussion related) please ask away in the comments below, or on twitter using the hashtag #FullnessofJOY5 

It should be fun :). Also, I'm currently looking into getting some household repairs done on my blog (I'm cringing every time I look at the absence of my header *sobs sadly*); so what do you all think of me doing a blog-design makeover? I love the coral/peach vintage, literary theme of this one, so I'm hoping to stick more or less to the same style & possibly the same colour palettes, but I'm still figuring it all out. Do you have any blog-designer recommendations who do well-crafted designs at a moderately good price (nothing over the $40 range)? I'd be interested in any suggestions you'd have, or changes you think I should make to the look of my beloved little blog-space. 
I do realize I've been woefully slack with updating my blog, on the day-to-day stuff and more mundane happenings in my life; I'm laying it all down to my studies mostly, and just how busy I am these days. However, I've been more active on Instagram, Goodreads and Twitter in this regard, so you can keep up with me in those places! I am really eager, however, to work more on this blog to make it a place of quiet reflections, thoughtful reviews and more in-depth discussion posts on the books I'm reading, issues in literature I'm interested by, and my own personal struggles and triumphs as a young woman writer who loves literature, art, music and stories (in all forms!), her family, but most of all her faith in Christ. That is not to say I don't want to write my share of fun tag posts, and interactive, fun update-y sort of posts. I think they add such a wonderful spice to any blog, so I will definitely keep on doing that, have no fear! I'm just considering my desire of maturing this blog, if you will, and being more open in sharing my in-depth thoughts on topics and themes that really matter to me. Does that make sense? I think most especially I want this blog to be a place of interaction and sharing, showcasing and encouraging other young people with similar interests, perspectives and passions, and highlighting that journey together with them through interviews, guest-posts and so forth. Because there is nothing more amazing to me about having this blog, then the friends and fellow kindred spirits I've met and been blessed by, through it. You, dear readers, make my blogging experience the best thing ever, and I'm just so thankful!
And here is a quick shout-out to some wonderful bloggers/booktubers/bookstagrams and basically wonderful people who I've been loving lately. Please check them out and give them a little bookish love, friends! They're pretty amazing people ^_^.
A quick mention of the books I'm currently reading:
"Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen (loving it so far!)
"The Four Loves" by C.S. Lewis (yay for my first buddy-read!)
"The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis (this book has been a great spiritual encouragement so far...)
"Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle" by N.D. Wilson (Another buddy-read, this time with Hanne-Col!)
"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith (a library book-read)
"Cress" by Marissa Meyer (we're on a roll with the Lunar Chronicles books)
What are you all reading?

As I've mentioned before, right now, my studies are reaching that fevered peek that makes it doubly hard to focus much on anything beside a quick update, reading some books & sometimes reviewing them, and struggling to stay in contact with my dear online friends! That's why if Fullness of Joy is currently feeling stagnant, it's all because I'm trying to get done with school and be free to write and post and share all the more! However, hopefully we'll have a little bit of a celebration in the coming week or so, and it should be pretty spectacular! 

So please ask all the questions, and stay tuned. :)


  1. I Just read Cress and then Winter a week ago, they were really great reads, Cress may just be my favourite though. Right now though I am reading Storming by K. M. Weiland and really enjoying that.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, Joy! ^_^ For your Q&A, what made you want to write/what was your first story? :)

  3. Hm, currently I'm reading Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde.

    For your Q&A: what is your all-time favorite book?

  4. I just finished Outlaws of Time. I enjoy Wilson's books, but I LOVE his 100 Cupboard trilogy far a beyond his other book; it just has a sparkle of something special. I need to read more Lewis, besides Narnia, I've read Til We Have Faces (disliked greatly) and Screwtape Letters (Mom made me read in highschool). But right now I have Chesterton on my shelves for Christian nonfic.

  5. Hello! This is my first time on your blog. I got here through a link about various books you've read... and we have many in common, I believe! I saw you mentioned reading Louisa May Alcott last year. She's one of my favorite authors! I'm reading some of her books this month for a reading challenge I'm hosting on my blog, actually. If you happen to be interested in joining the fun, please stop by!

    Anyways, I think I'll start following along with your blog, as I'm sure we have many common interests. :)

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. I'm looking forward the exciting things you've got planned for your blog! Thanks also for mentioning me - it means a lot. :)

    How are enjoying A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? I've heard a lot about that book. I've been reading a few holocaust books at the moment: The Wrong Boy, The Boy on Top of the Mountain, and The Earth is Singing. Have you read any of those? The Earth is Singing was my favourite, if you want a recommendation. ;)

    Congratulations on almost five years of blogging! That's a long time. :) A few questions:

    - What is your favourite passage in the Bible?
    - Who is someone(in history, or the present-day)who really inspires you?
    - How do you make time to read and write in your busy life?

  7. I love this post! :-D (It;s Evie from Instagram, I commented and told you I had a blog.)

  8. It was a pleasure, Lydia! Thanks for your question as well. I'll try to answer it in a post soon! :)

  9. I've never heard of "Lost in a Good Book", Jenelle, but it sounds like quite the bookish title :). Thank you for your great question!

  10. Livia, I am heartily enjoying "Outlaws of Time" (my first fiction by Wilson), but I definitely enjoyed his 2 non-fiction especially "Death by Living". I'll have to give his 100 Cupboards a go then!

    The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis is a great series, I think you may enjoy :).
    And Chesterton is always a good idea ;).
    Thanks for your comment!

  11. Hello Tessa! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. It brightened my day! :)

    That's amazing! I love Louisa May Alcott, and want to read more of her books besides "Little Women" which is a favourite of mine. That's lovely - sadly, I wasn't able to join as I've had a busy few weeks with my studies, but all the best with your reading challenge! Thank you for the invitation :).


  12. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I feel so bad for having been so slack in responding back. Alas, I have not yet been able to implement any of the exciting blog-plans I had earlier in June, as I've had a crazy few months with just NO TIME to blog or do anything like that. I'll probably have to reserve all of that for November when I'm done with my examinations and will hopefully be more free! (FINGERS CROSSED)

    But I am still excited for them, and hope to answer your lovely questions soon. Thanks for sharing, dear!
    In regards to reading, I started "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" but I had to return it to the library before I could make any head way with it, so I'll have to re-borrow it sometime. Ah, thanks for the book-recommendations. WW2 and holocaust stories are always harrowing but so moving, and ones I always appreciate reading. I'll have to look these titles up for sure! Thank you! ;)

  13. Evie!! Thanks for commenting, dear friend! I am so glad you discovered my blog. Have I ever mentioned how much I love your blogs? They're simply smashing, my dear girl! :D


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