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Hello, dear readers. Here we are, after so many months. I've missed you. What do I say? Ooh, I have exams coming up, so I can't chat now really, sadly. Only, I just wanted to write a quick little missive on this poor neglected blog o' mine to say that Fullness of Joy is turning 6 years old on Monday which I'm so amazed and excited about - how the years fly! That said, I'm thinking that I'll be trying to do a Q&A post next week, once uni break starts to sort of celebrate and also I guess let you get re-acquainted with my life, and what I've been up to lately (literary and otherwise!) So please ask me all the bookish fun, or even thought-provoking (or random) questions that you can think of in the comments below, or send them my way via email, twitter, instagram (#fullnessofjoy16 or #dailyjoyfulness) or facebook using the hashtag #FULJOY6 and I hope to do a fun wee post in return next week Lord willing, once exams are over (ahh, trying not to freak out over those)! I know I haven't blogged in ages, but I'm excited to get back into it during the upcoming month-long uni break, & share all the stuff.

So ask all the stuff and I'll do my best to respond 😍
P.S. Also I'm a tiny bit stealing from the glorious Cait's (@PaperFury) idea for a Q&A for her blog-anniversary who has also just celebrated her 6th blog-anniversary (she's my blog-twin, really, only WAY more cool - check out her amazing blog, why don't you?!), so I am sorry about that, Cait, but you know... YOU ARE THE ORIGINAL GENIUS!

P.S.S. if you have a small moment, I'd appreciate your prayers for my upcoming exams the next two weeks. Lots of love, dear friends, and I'm hoping to get back to you soon!
Love and blessings xx


  1. Joy! It's lovely to read a post from you! I'm glad to hear you're going okay, although I'm sure those exams are making life stressful. I'll be thinking of you!

    Congratulations on six years of blogging! That is awesome! And I'll be looking forward to the Q&A (they're always a fun way to celebrate). Here are a few questions:

    -What book has inspired you most recently?
    -What's your favourite Bible passage and what does it mean to you?
    -What are you studying at uni?
    -What's something you wish you had the courage to do?
    -What book has dramatically changed your life (if there was one particularly, and aside from the Bible)?

    Don't feel pressured to answer them all! And once again, it was nice to have a small update, and I hope the exams go well for you.

    1. Thank you, sweet Jessica! Lovely to hear from you - it's good to be back :). Thank you so much for all your lovely questions. The Q&A is coming soon ;)

  2. I love reading Q&A's. I probably should try to contribute, so
    Where have you traveled? What are your top countries/famous places etc. to which you wish to travel?
    Do you speak or are you learning any other languages?
    A long book or difficult book you want to read?
    Little known favorite books?

    1. Thank you so much for your questions, Livia! :)

  3. Can you tell us more about the Crown of Life's progress? (If there's been any, with those exams.) I've been watching your Pinterest board for it, and I love it already despite only having read the snippets you've posted here.


    1. Ahh, thank you for your great question, Sophia! Excited to answer that one =)


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