War of Loyalties by Schuyler McConkey | Cover Reveal!!

Hello my reader friends! I am breaking my semester-long sleep-deprived blogging silence to share with you a very special bookish-release news. This has been a project that has been long on my heart and prayers and I am beyond thrilled that very very soon it will be released into the world and into our hands. Today is the cover-reveal for the debut novel of a dear author friend of mine, Schuyler McConkey! 

Back when I got to know her several years ago, Schuyler was dedicatedly in the process of writing/editing one of her several drafts on this book; all these years she has committed so much energy and work and love into it and it is wonderful to see her reach this publishing stage finally. It would be an understatement to say that I am over-the-moon excited! 

That's not just because she's my friend though! Really this novel sounds so amazing: think a WW1 spy novel set in Europe that explores conflicting loyalties, family ties and a cool Irish doctor. From my chattings with Schuyler, I can tell her novel has a richness with a harkening to classic literature like Dickens, but at the same time loads of fun and characters we can all root for and get excited about. I seriously can't wait to hold a physical copy in my hand! Anyway, I will stop jabbering on and let you view the GLORIOUSNESS that is the beautiful cover-design of War of Loyalties. I don't know about you, but this cover (and story blurb) makes me want to drop everything I am doing, go and order a copy and get lost in its delightful pages.

Just a month to go...!!
Release Date: November 30th, 2017 

Book Description: War of Loyalties 
April, 1917. A ring of German spies threatens the coastal town of Folkestone, England. Newly-recruited agent Ben Dorroll must uncover which British citizens are traitors to their country. When his first attempt at espionage falls prey to a trap laid by German sympathizers, the security of the British Secret Service is threatened. Feeling lost in a strange country and aching for a steady place to call home, he wants to resign and go back to his American medical work. But when he learns that his family identity holds the key to capturing the spy ring, Ben has no choice but to unite with the mysterious Jaeryn Graham so that the truth can be discovered. 

In the aftermath of the Irish Rebellion, Jaeryn Graham's British colleagues look warily on his Irish background. Always up for a challenge, he thinks his a new mission in the Secret Service should be an opportunity to prove his prowess. But after an encounter with death and alienating two agents, he finds the road to victory isn't as easy as he thought. Unless he can win the loyalties of his newest assistant, Ben Dorroll, his secret ambitions and his perfect success record will be destroyed.

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  1. Sweet friend, thank-you for all your prayers, your encouragement, and all the JOY you have shed on this project throughout the way. And thank YOU too, for spreading the word about my book baby. I can't wait to send it too you soon! :D :D <3 <3


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