Elizabeth Rose's Giveaway

Did you know that Miss Elizabeth Rose is making a Giveaway on her lovely blog, "Life On Literary Lane" for having reached 200 followers? I just thought to share it, since it has some really antique prizes that you might like to enter in to win; I am not 100 % sure those who live outside US can participate but you can ask! I always love blogs that have insightful posts, encourage others to live for Jesus, as well share their own life happenings, and what the Lord speaks to them about with others. There are so many lovely blogs out there (check my blog list for a few favourites), and I can definitely say that I always look forward to seeing any new posts by Elizabeth. Anyhow, I might just add that part of the giveaway entries is that you have to post about it on your blog... *cheeky grin*. Anyway! So, if you aren't too busy, head to her blog and see what she has on, and if you really like it, why don't you follow as well?

That's it for now!