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I was planning on taking the time to respond to all of your sweet comments (thank you so much, everyone!), but alas, I am really quite late and must turn in to bed now (also, my laptop has been playing up a bit so things are taking longer than usual, plus it is the last week of the 2nd term, so things are rather busy!), so I shall keep the responses to a later date (hopefully tomorrow!). But by the way, despite saying that the blog-party is from the 12th to the 18th, I have decided since we all lead busy lives, to extend the party for a little longer so that everyone can take time to answer the tags, and also give me time enough to write posts and answer your comments! 

You know how I said you can ask me questions and I will be, Lordwilling, responding in posts relating to the topic questions afterwards? Well, here is your chance! Emily was first, and asked me a delightful array of them which I am excited to answer bit by bit like a snail; so now, all of you are welcome to ask away too! Leave the questions here below (if you have any, that is!), and I shall do my very best to answer them in time with as much wit and thought and grace as I can muster. *hugs* God bless you all!

Lastly, I am working on making some more tags for all of you to join in, if you enjoyed the last one. Did you, by the way?

"Ask, and it shall be given you"


  1. Did the tag...finally!

  2. Yay!! :D The Questions post!! *bounces* Now, I warn you that I have a sort of large-ish amount of questions, some random that I asked just to satisfy my Curiosity (*shuts the Curiosity up in a cupboard with a cookie* Aaand a plot bunny is attacking me now. O.O) and some questions that are rather more in-depth. I hope I don't overwhelm you, dear! O.o *hugs* :)))
    Here go's!

    1. What are 3 of your regular chores?
    2. Would you rather wear socks or go barefoot Hobbit-style?
    3. What do you and your family believe concerning whether (or no) women should wear pants?
    4. If you had the chance to teleport yourself into one of your stories, which one would you pick?
    5. As a general rule which POV do you prefer to write from; Male or Female? First person, Third person? Past or Present tense?
    6. Pick a favourite character (from one of your own stories) and give several reasons why (s)he is a favoured one.
    7. Of various as-yet-unpublished books that you know somewhat about (i.e. Rchel Heffington's "The Scarlet-Gypsy Song" or Abigail Hartman's "Tempus Regina") what are 5 that you most wish to read one day?
    8. If you could go back in time and visit 3 'dead writers" (see, I was nice and didn't make you pick just one. ;) )whom would you choose?
    9. Could you describe your family in six words?
    10. Are you claustrophobic or do you have a Fear of Heights?
    11. If you were gifted the following books, which 2 would you be most likely to crack open first?
    - Red Rain
    - The Borrowers
    - Bleak House
    - The Wind in the Willows
    - Personality Plus
    - Urchin of the Riding Stars
    - Safely Home
    - Never

    12. What are your favourite colours and colour combinations?
    13. What are (at least) 10 of your favourite songs?
    14. What sounds (i.e. waves splashing) make you happy and breathless inside?
    15. Do you prefer the City or the Country?
    16. Do you find listening to music whilst writing helping or distracting?
    17. How many Dickens books have you read?
    18. If you could meet 4 of your characters in real life, whom would you choose?
    19. Do you find writing about villainous characters difficult...intriguing...easy...enjoyable?
    20. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
    21. Can you whistle?
    22. How often do you have to wear your glasses? Just while reading or all the time?
    23. What are your music standards?
    24. Do you name inanimate objects?

    There! Have at it! ;) I was going to ask you some other questions as well but then I remembered that they were in the Friend Q & A e-mail that I sent I'll just wait to see your answers on that. :D
    Have a beautiful day, Joy lovely! :D I'll be praying for you regarding all the schooling you're doing. :)

    *hugs* ~ Samwise

  3. I see you're rather busy with a different event, but, should you care to join, I've tagged you for a "Liebster Award" over at my blog, and it's kind of fun. :)

  4. Nessima, thanks so much for joining in the tag! I loved reading your responses in your post :D.

  5. *GASPSANDSPLUTTERSREADSDOZENSOFQUESTIONSANDCOUGHSANDWONDERSWHATIBROUGHTMYSELFINTO* :D aww, thank soooooo much for all your sweetest, curiosity questions, my lovely Annie *hugs* I will be having a true fun blast of a time answering all these questions - some of them, being 'fun' sort of random questions I will not be able to make a full post about ;), but you shall have your answer, sweetie, as soon as can be. Some of the questions are really exciting too, and in-depth (aka needs me to put on my thinking-cap!). I love you and thanks a billion (oooh, and thank Holly if she has any of these questions stuffed in here). If she doesn't, tell her I don't mind more ;)

  6. Hi Stacy! Thanks for stopping by and for the award tag ^_^. Truth be told, busy as I am, I don't mind answering your tag/award questions since it is the kind of thing I am doing right now. Thank you so much :) Oo, and would you like to join in this little blog-party too? Tis sort of fun as well. God bless!

  7. :D beteenbluerocks, I am saving the Liebster Award tag questions so I can do it soon here :).

    1. A line (or two) of a poem that resonates with you? (If not a poem, a song lyric will do.)
    2. Something on your currently-reading list, and why it’s there?
    3. The destination of your most recent journey?
    4. Something you’re pretty sure you’ll never read, and why?
    5. If you could wake up tomorrow the possessor of advanced skills on any musical instrument, which would you choose?
    6. A regionalism that forms part of your ordinary vocabulary? (And does it belong to the region you inhabit?)

  8. Ah, let's see here...

    1. What is the first story you ever remember writing? (It doesn't have to be one you finished, and can be an old child-hood dream of yours that is now only an sweet memory.)

    2. Do you do most of your research before you write, or as you write?

    3. Do you like being an early bird, or a night owl?

    4. What are your thoughts on technology? Do you prefer a lovingly tactile ink-and-paper experience, or are you quite supportive of this new digital age and all the social media that comes with it?

    5. Favorite YouTube channels?

    6. What do you do for daily Bible reading? Do you read through a certain study plan, or use certain books to aid you in your learning of Scriptures? What's your favorite Bible translation?

    7. Do you pick music theme songs for your characters?

    I'll stick with seven for now, and maybe add more later. :D

    And in answer to your last comment, I LOVE tags. Please, please do another one?? I have some post spots open, and would love something fun and relaxing to fill them with! :D


  9. I am so very excited to answer your questions, Schuyler! Thanks for sending them in ^_^


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