In Which I Tell You Why I Was Gone... for a month!

THIS TIME - this time! well, I have a good reason for having been away from Fullness of Joy; (not that I have been trying to avoid you, folks, or anything!!) But you see. I have been busy. I mean extremely B.U.S.Y. (no fibbing). My sister Sarah had no less than a dozen university assignments/exams/essays during the month of May (poor girl!), and the most jolly thing, of course, happened - her laptop crashed! Nice. So, I had to lend her my laptop for a month and, *sobs*, I had to go about begging to use the other computers belonging to the other members of the household and straining my eyes on the iPod just so I could use the Internet for emails, fb, google+, blogging or even do any proper novel-writing :'(. The Lord was teaching me a bit of lessons on 'being weaned' of things I take for granted, am addicted too and rely on too keenly at the time (like my laptop and internet) so it was not altogether an unprofitable experience. All things work together for good indeed! But now I have my laptop back, thank The Lord *happy dance*!

So you see, now, that this is the tale behind my long absence. I don't know if anybody missed me so much since it seems that for the most part most of my viewers and the majority of my fellow bloggers have been having it very busy too with the end of the school year and start of the Summer break (Brrrr, but we have it winter here! And the school year is as demanding and intense as ever), so that things have been relatively quiet on the blogosphere. Glad I haven't missed much :). But now everyone seems to be getting back on their feet and have their blogs buzzing and exciting. So I will try to amend things and do something to bring a bit of cheer to this dear ol' blog of mine. That 'bit of cheer' will come in the form of a big surprise which, Lord willing, I shall announce very soon on Fullness of Joy. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates! 


  1. Joy! *giggles happily* You're back! Only I must make one correction to this post: I did miss you, even though I am in the process of finishing up school. :)

    I am very excited to see Fullness of Joy's big surprise...! Oh, dear, what is it? Is it very, very exciting? Should I be simply shivering with anticipation? Y'know, to be honest, I think I have a hunch of what it is, but I shan't say a word at all until I've found out if I am right or not. You do have my interest piqued, though, dear...

    Oh, you poor thing! You're right in the heart of winter and suffering from a severe load of schoolwork. I do pity you and wish I could help; perhaps I shall just have to send you many emails, give you virtual hugs, and comment here often. Would that be of much comfort to you?

    Much Love,
    Emily <3

    P.s. I shall be praying for you, sweet friend!

  2. i know how it is to beg others for their phones and ipads.....cos i've gone through............sorry for that......

  3. Emily! *grins back happily* Yes, I am back! Aww, thank you, darling, I am sure glad you missed me *hugs*

    Well, now that you actually know what the surprise is, I hope you were not too dreadfully disappointed! Can I know what you guessed, dear, and if it was anything close to what I actually did? If you have any ideas, I am all ears, because the party is still in the works, and I look forward to you joining it!

    *wipes tears away* You are so sweet, dearie, and your lovely comment put a huge smile on my face. Aww, I'd love emails and virtual hugs and comments from my dear Emily ;), but then I also must e-mail you, since I did not answer your last e-mail *shameohshame!* We can hug though *grins*

    Thank you so much, for all your prayers! I so appreciate that. God bless you, sweet friend! <3

  4. Thanks, Meghana, it is a bit of a pain, and I developed the bad habit of using my ipod too much during that time, but I am grateful that my laptop could be of some help anyway. Thanks for commenting ;)

  5. *grins* Well, the idea I had was that you were going to remodel your site. Which, as I have discovered, you do intend on doing, though that was not the surprise. And I was not disappointed, dear! A blog-party is such fun, and the fact that I have never attended one before makes it all the more exciting and new!

    You asked on your blog-party post if any of us could guess the colour scheme. I think I can... ;) could it perhaps involve a pale turquoise and peachy pink?

    *hugs - giggles - sobs* Awww! *hugs* Love you, dear!


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