"Not An Average Girl"

Not so sure how to announce this as dramatically as my friend and sister did, but since it is my most solemn duty to do this, here I am to announce the official, grand opening of a new blog, Not An Average Girl! As Sarah posted about it here, this blog has recently been created by four Christian girls (who make up the NAAG team), Hannah, Dakota, Sarah, and myself as an online magazine to share and encourage other Christian girls in their walk with the Lord. In it, we hope to share posts of encouragement and inspiration especially for girls, as well as interviews, testimonials, and guest posts so as to challenge and encourage other young woman. There will be some fun stuff like giveaways, recipes and book, movie and music reviews as well. As time goes on, our team will hopefully be expanding, so this is just a start :) and we pray that this blog will be an encouragement to you all.

God willing, I'll try contributing as much as I can, and that all depends on how much free time I've got (I definitely don't want to neglect schoolwork, music, my writing or writing here on Fullness of Joy!). You're all so welcome to visit Not An Average Girl anytime, and find out more about us; please feel free to 'follow' and comment as well as they are such a blessing! Here is the link: Not An Average Girl (and the button).

And here is a song for today that I hope you'll find a blessing, a medley called, Hallelujah/ O the Blood. It comes from a CD Album called, The Praises of His People, which was recorded in the 1970s or 80s I think. The last few days I've been realizing how important praising the Lord is, even when we don't feel like it, when everything seems to be going wrong, or we're feeling discouraged. I believe that when we give thanks and praise the Lord, there is such power in that! Jesus has bought us with His precious blood, He has made us His own! His blood is more than match for all sin. I praise Him and love Him so!


  1. Looks great!! I am very excited to see this. I think it is great when Christians encourage one another.

  2. Dear Joy,

    I pray the Lord blesses and guides you with this new blog. So far it looks lovely!
    Thank you for sharing this special hymns, aren't the words so beautifully reverent and peaceful in praise of the Lord. Amen, isn't there such power in giving continual praise and thanks to the Lord; may we through His grace put on the garment of praise!
    Praise His holy name.
    With lots of love your sister,

  3. Thanks for spreading the word Joy!

    Hannah on behalf of NAAG ;)


  4. Elizabeth, thank you for your sweet encouragement! I hope you'll find NAAG blog to be a blessing, yes, it is certainly encouraging, isn't it, and that's one of the main purposes of the blog!

    Maddy, thank you so much for your prayers concerning this new project, and your encouragement! Did you know that Mary has joined on blogger and will post from time to time on Not An Average Girl? That was something special!

    You're welcome, this hymn was a great encouragement to me as well. I love this CD album very much and will try to share more from it in the future Lord willing. Amen, may we continually offer sacrifices of praises to the Lord, for there is such power and that, and He is worthy!

    In His love,

  5. Hannah, I was glad to write this post =D.


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