A Sweet Blog Award

I feel so honoured to have had Elizabeth from The Endless Road award me The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, it was a lovely honour to get this award! I really enjoy your blog as well, and think it is really sweet and refreshing =D. Well, for this award, here is what I have to do:

1. Post seven random facts about yourself 
2. Pass this award to seven  ten other bloggers!

Random facts about me:
1. I love a blue sky and the smell of fresh green grass after rain
2. I'm an alto and love singing harmonies :)
3. 3 of my favourite movies are, Luther, Amazing Grace, and all of the Narnia movies (plus a lot more)
4. I was born on the morning of Christmas Eve
5. I've blogged for a little over 8 months now...
6. I have 3 wonderful sisters, two older, one younger (Elizabeth, I didn't mean to steal your random fact, but I'm the same as you too you see, and thought it a nice fact to add =D)
7. The two greatest joys of my life have been to know the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour, and to have been born into a wonderful, godly family

Now for blogs to get the award! There is a little bit of confusion on whether to award 7 or 10  blogs. I decided to do the later since I have so many favourite =D. (P.S. I would have awarded some of my friend's private blogs, but since it is private, I don't know it works very well... anyway, you dear friends, have all really sweet blogs too!)

1. Gems of Faith in History
2. Delights of the Narrow Way
3. Living on Literary Lane
4. Graceful Maiden
5. Scribbles and Ink Stains
6. Forever His Servant
7. Life in the Wilderness
8. He Designs My Life
9. A Life Worthy of the Lord
10. The Road Goes Ever On

To those who've been awarded, your job in turn is to post 7 random stuff about yourself, and award 7/10 other blogs that you enjoy with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. God bless you all, and thank you again, Elizabeth, for the award =D. 


  1. I am honored that you think I am so sweet, Joy! Unfortunately, I don't do awards on my blog. :( I like to keep the content focused on fashion and photography. I hope you understand!


  2. Joy! Thank you for the award. :) I don't usually do these on my blog...but I'm honored that you thought of me. Thank you so much--and thank you for your comments...I'm so sorry I can't respond to each one individually. I do read them though and they are a blessing!

    May you rest in Him today and thanks again. :)

  3. That's okay, Bree, I really understand, and I think that's really nice that you try and concentrate on fashion and photography as well :).

  4. Melanie,

    That's perfectly alright with me =D. I truly understand with the comments thing as well, as sometimes it is really hard to catch-up with commenting back to those who comment AND commenting on my favourite blogs as well.

    Thank you, dear sister. In His love,

  5. Alto! :)

    Thats very interesting! I had imagined you soprano....I guess I imagine everyone that. :)
    I'm soprano.

    Very interesting random facts.

    Your friend;

  6. Dear April,

    Yes, I'm an alto and love it!

    Thank you for your prayers, you are in my prayers too, dear sister!

  7. Thank you, dear Joy. It is a real honour to get an award. I appreciate it.

  8. Thanks Joy! I'm very honored.

  9. You're welcome, Hannah =D.


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