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In my last post, I was deploring how little writing I've been doing. I also talked about being in a "period of reflection" and research at this time... a little break before launching out to the second stage of The Crown of Life. Well, I was wrong that I wasn't going to write. If anything, it has been a long while since I did so much writing! There are many new and invaluable experiences to be discovered in being a writer, and I've recently discovered one. 

I have written my first short story! 
And it is entitled, A Love That Never Fails

It has been a wonderful, new experience. And it has taught me so much more about writing. Having written it in a short-time period (a week), and giving myself a word count of 3000 words for the sake of keeping it a short story was one of the biggest challenges in the process (the latter especially). Yet, I have learnt so much about picking out the threads, really forming a story and... finishing it. I've never written an ending to any story/novel before until last week; and it was a thrilling sensation typing out the last word!

To make it a short-story there was this word count to deal with. I learnt for the first time how to make out what is really necessary to the story as a whole, and what is useless "rambling" and repetitiveness in the use of words. This I have not really focused on in my historical novel, due to its depth and largeness. And I haven't reached the ending of course and so I've not bothered about it. Yet regarding the short story, I confess that it felt like pure torture when I had to chop up favourite (though not imperative) scenes and paragraphs for the sake of the whole piece. I recently read something relevant to this from one writer in a textbook called, The Creative Writing Coursebook (that's a great book by the way for newbie and experienced writers alike!). The writer, Ashley Stokes, said, "Even fine work may need to be sacrificed for the overall whole." Hard as it was while writing the story, this is true.

However, now that I've finished the short story, I have this new idea which I am praying about. I'm considering rewriting A Love That Never Fails as a short sized novel, whilst still working on my main book, The Crown of Life. It is still not decided yet... but it is a thought and we'll have to see where it goes from there! So, if you see me mentioning A Love That Never Fails, or making Beautiful People and Story Snippets for it, it should not take you by surprise. With all that, don't fear... I am not abandoning The Crown of Life. It will hopefully will be a side thing that I can work on when I'm low on inspiration or just need a little break. Does that make sense?

Maybe you're wondering though what is my short story about from the first place? Well, I have yet to write a good synopsis and I don't want to give too much away, but briefly, it is about a young girl in London during the London Blitz of World War 2 and deals with such things as the evacuation of children during the bombings in England, love in the midst of sorrow, an overburdened family and the theme of 2 Corinthians 13 that "Love Never Fails".

And here are some pictures of the main characters. Enjoy!

Jane Wilson
(Jane in left picture at 14, Jane in right picture at 19)

Grandmamma Wilson

George Wilson (Jane's father)

William and Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Amelia Miller

Margret Miller

Dick Miller

Matilda Dew
(lady on far right)

Mrs. Helen Burns

There is another main character, but I can't find a picture.
his name is Albert Hunter

You've been like a ray of sunshine in our house since you came. I just don't understand, Jane." - A Love That Never Fails

all images are via Pinterest


  1. How exciting! Writing a novel of my own is a dream that I hope to soon fulfill:)

    Kianna Rose

  2. Your short story sounds very interesting! I think turning it into a short novel is a lovely idea. I recently did that with a short story I was writing for a contest. As I was writing it I began to realize how much potential it had for a full length novel. I haven't worked on it much as of yet though. It is simmering in the back of my mind as I collect ideas and work things out in my head. It will probably be a story that I write in whenever I am low on inspiration or just want to write without having some sort of deadline, rather like what you want to do with your short story. :)

    On a completely different thought, I really enjoy looking at your boards on Pinterest! I look at them via a friend's account since I don;t have one as of yet although , Lordwilling, I will sometime around the end of this month. I am planning on using Pinterest for inspiration since so many pictures I have seen have inspired me in a writerly fashion. I am quite looking forward to it. :)

  3. Oooooh, I do hope you turn 'A Love That Never Fails' into a novel, Joy! The World War II time period in history is one of my very favorites; it's so interesting, and your story has really piqued my interest!

    Oh, and I love the pictures you chose as well! =)

    "It hopefully will be a side thing that I can work on when I'm low on inspiration or just need a little break." Yes, this makes sense! I actually have been considering doing the same thing, and started one to some extent. I still am not sure if I want to actually SAY I am writing another novel, because I am not sure if I will actually pursue it, and I don't want to work too hard on it for fear I will forget 'Journey of Hope' and put too much effort into this novel. But I do at times need something else to work on, and take a break from 'Journey of Hope' when inspiration runs low, so perhaps it will turn into something big. We'll see! :D

  4. Kianna Rose, thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment :). Writing a novel is hard, challenging but definitely fun and rewarding :). I hope you enjoy your writing journey as I am enjoying mine. God bless!

  5. Thank you so very much for your encouragement, Annie! I really appreciate it :).

    I am glad it is not a weird idea I have, about adapting my short story into a novel. So what's your main novel, and the other story simmering at the back of your mind?! Besides the point you made, I am also thinking that a story like this might have a stronger possibility of getting published first, considering that The Crown of Life is a large historical fiction which might not have a chance of getting published if I've never published anything before, but might if I already have. I am still praying about it and we'll see where the Lord leads!

    I am glad you've been enjoying browsing through my boards on Pinterest, Annie. I really haven't thought much of my viewers, seeing it rather selfishly I'm afraid as a helpful tool in my writing for inspiration. In fact, the top picture of Jane (the older girl), was quite vital to the inspiration of her character :). See how helpful it is? I'd love it if you join Pinterest, and make a blog along with it sometime soon!

    In His unfailing love,

    P.S. you asked in your last comment when my violin exam was, and I just got the date. It will be on the 11th of July! Thanks for your prayers :).

  6. Thanks for your encouragement, Emily! :). I'd like to see A Love That Never Fails into a full-length novel too. I love the WW2 historical time-period too, as dark as it was. Yet it was also filled with the Providence and mercy of God even in the worst moments of horror and evil.

    It is good to know I am not the only one who's writing a side story :). I had thought all along, that one can't write more than one story at a time. But I think writing this short-story has changed my mine. I still have as vibrant ideas for 'The Crown of Life' as ever. It is just as you pointed out, I think sometimes we need a little break from our main work and have something easier to work on that wouldn't demand so much effort when we're tired out.

    So I encourage you to try it out, as long as you don't have that feeling of boredom with Journey of Hope and just want to try out a new story. I saw your last snippets and they were very nice by the way :). So, keep up the good writing!

  7. This is very interesting, Joy, and the setting of your short story is one of my favorites. :) My Dad's brothers, and most of my mother's uncles, fought in WWII, and Daddy grew up in the post-war south (USA, naturally! :), so we've always had strong ties to WWII, and its always been a favorite interest of mine. :)

    I've written many stories while continuing to concentrate on the main one the Lord gave me. Its a wonderful 'side thing', and I think the Lord can work very much to develop one's writing like that. Sort of like a 'practice' piece. :)

    I've never tried restricting my word count to a specific number though. That would certainly be a challenge, I could imagine!

    William and Elizabeth Miller look like picture-perfect American farmers. ;) Love that picture; have seen many trucks like that.
    William has a very distinct British look though. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and the Lord Jesus be with you through your writing adventures.

    In Him;

  8. Yes, Joy. It'd be lovely if you could extend it into a short novel. It has great potential. Lovely story and great pictures!


  9. I am sorry to be late in replying to your sweet comment, April.

    I love the WWII historical time period, if only because through the darkness and horror, Christ was evident and glorified in the lives of many who suffered for Him. It also has a rich tapestry of history and events that thrills all history-lovers. It was fascinating knowing the strong ties you had to WWII :).

    I remember a post I wrote when I first started blogging, when I thought that one can't write more than one story at a time, remember? I recall you shared how you found it otherwise but I wasn't sure then. But now, I think you're right, April; it is good to have a "side story" to work on so long as the main work is not being sacrificed or divided up into a thousand pieces :)!

    It is very challenging to keep a story within a certain word count... I found it basically the hardest part of writing A Love That Never Fails!

    Thanks, I like that picture of William and Elizabeth Miller too. Actually, though the story is set in England/Australia... so the couple are British Australians :), and are the ones that take in evacuee Jane from England during the Blitz. I love that truck :).

    I read your post by the way, and I do hope you're feeling better, April. I am sorry that I've not been commenting so often on your blog of late. I've just been awfully busy again: school, music, writing... has made me rather scarce on the internet of late.

    Thanks and I pray the same for you too. May the Lord Jesus bless you, dear sister.

    In His love,

  10. Thank you, Sarah; I'd love to extend it into a short novel too. I'm definitely praying and thinking about it!

    Thank you for being a wonderful sister. I love you heaps!

    In His love,


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