A Whisper of Beauty Amid Winter

I have not done a photography post, in a long, long time. Part of that is because I've been really busy, concentrating on school, music and writing. However, as evidenced from the pictures above, I've been snapping away all the same though mostly people-photos, not nature and flowers. Being so busy I had not visited the backyard in a while, and being winter here, I didn't expect to find any flowers in bloom that were worth taking pictures of. But I was wrong. The other day, I went out to the garden, and found amid the bare shrubbery and grass little beauties... little flowers... quite simple and probably not very special and yet I thought them beautiful all the same. They were little glimpses of God's love and care, and the beauty of His Creation. There will always be beauty around us if we look (sometimes, it is just a little hard to find!) but it is there... a whisper and a promise of beauty amid the chill of winter. It is a bit like that with our own lives. There is always hope, always a promise despite the trails, disappointments, worries and difficulties that we go through in life, because Jesus is our guide. He fills us with His Hope, His Promise. It is the promise like that of spring.

How often we struggle and are restless in our souls with all the fears and worries of our lives, yet Jesus whispers in our hearts words of peace and comfort. He calls us to Himself. Oh! May we lay all our burdens at His feet, and may rest in His love and power. Because He is good!

Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy. Peace does not dwell in outward things, but in the heart prepared to wait trustfully and quietly on Him who has all things safely in His hands. ~Elisabeth Elliot


  1. Lovely photos, Joy! Yes, it's amazing to see God's handy work in winter as well as summer...thanks also for the quote by Elizabeth Elliot. May the Lord grant us the grace to wait on Him.

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful photos, Joy! What kind of flower is the Red one in the fifth pic from the top?

    I'm sorry I haven't replied to your comment regarding writing, Pinterest, etc. Life is just incredibly busy right now, you know how it goes. Soon though, my friend.

    Have a blessed day! :)

  3. Thank you so much, Annie! I think that is the first couple of pictures with red flowers, comes from a Hibiscus plant from our garden :).

    Oh, that's okay... I have been very, very busy too... so take your time!

    Be blessed in the Lord, dear sister.


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