"like falling snow over the embers"

"You could raise me like a banner in a battle
Put victory like a fire behind my shining eyes
I would drift like falling snow over the embers
But for now just let me lie"
"Show Me," Audrey Assad

Some of you may be familiar with a Christian song called "Show me" by Audrey Assad. I recently came across it on a blog; and as I was preparing this post, this line "like falling snow over the embers" struck me as a good post title, just because words ironically are oft' as icy and clear, and refreshing as falling snow over hot embers, or as sharp as the blade of a sword... All that aside though, it is time for another "Snippet of Story" (hosted by Katie)! I just realized that these snippets ought to be from one's writing written throughout that month... something  I didn't notice in my last snippet *oh dear!*. Well, I have scribbled quite a bit of random bits from The Crown of Life on a notebook (having little time to actually open the word-docu), but of course I've mainly written in A Love That Never Fails those last two months. So... without any further ado, here I am to share little snippets with you all. 

The villagers, upon seeing the crested eagle, the thundering of the horses' hooves, and the glimmering arm of Rome held aloft, scattered like dead leaves before a fierce gale, their Galilean faces etched with hatred, fear and despair. The maidens at the spring, abandoned their jars and fled for shelter, while the mothers gathered their children away from the path, screaming in Aramaic words of caution and fear. - The Crown of Life

A hot wind bestirred the sand dunes beneath Gnea's hooves, remnants of the vicious beast--the khamsin storm. - The Crown of Life

Valerius felt his voice drop to a low tenor as he spoke. "Assassination? You jest, my friend. At the last, you shall rue the day you laid a hand on the Consul-- we all will!"
Flavius smiled wryly, as he fingered the silver dagger in his hand. "If we all live so long." - The Crown of Life

"Centurion Brutus Arius?" Valerius allowed his voice to boom louder then he ever had before. Every person in the tavern turned momentarily to search for the owner of the voice, but when they saw his military attire, and the sheathed sword guarding his side, shrugged and turned away. Let Rome settle its own affairs... its own wars. They were good at it. That was what they were made for. - The Crown of Life

“My child, love never fails.” - A Love That Never Fails

The violent curve of the tawdry motorbike thundering across the path, its brass fittings polished brightly as gold in the early sunrise, caused Jane to halt in her step. Her heart ached as she imagined what Grandmamma would have said of that "rascal gentleman" if she were present. - A Love That Never Fails

The Company galloped in haste, fleeing the terror behind them, when the icy splendor of dawn overtook them unawares, fortifying them with comfort like a flagon of chilled water would to a thirsty soul. - Escape From Vanity

Elizabeth shook her head, tears glistening in her eyes. “You’ve been like a ray of sunshine in our house since you came. I just don’t understand, Jane. How could you be so loving and kind to us in the midst of your own loss?” - A Love That Never Fails

Valerius thought the sound of her laughter was like the joyful bubbling of a singing fountain or like the spontaneous gushing of a spring. - The Crown of Life

Julius heard, even in his sleep, the thunderous gale tearing and whipping through the ancient forest, like the giant crash of an ocean wave upon the jagged cliffs of shore. - The Crown of Life

"All my life has been one great storm, Captain. I wonder... when will I awake to find the waves stilled and my heart at peace at last?" - The Crown of Life

midst the roar of enemy planes, the anti aircraft guns and blasts, the air raid sirens kept on ringing, adding a tone of terror to everyone huddled below in the dark of the shelters.  -  A Love That Never Fails

Grandmamma held her hand, as the train screeched to a halt a midst a haze of steam. Clutching her carpetbag, Jane stood on the platform that swarmed with bewildered children and parents, her  head throbbing like a hammer from all the emotions and griefs she'd experienced in the space of a day. - A Love That Never Fails


  1. Very Pretty post, Joy. Thanks for sharing. Like the title very much, never heard the song.

    Like the assassination piece best. Very deep.

    The Lord Jesus bless you in His Will;

  2. Thank you, April, for your encouragement. I only heard the song recently too. I like the assassination one best too, and it was fun to write! Thanks :)

    May the Lord Jesus bless you too!
    In His love,


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