Christmas among other Things

My sister Sarah found this horse app game on her Ipad
and Grace has been really enjoying it.
Anyway, Sarah sent me this picture of the 3D horse... isn't it beautiful?
Almost like a real one!
I hadn't intended to post anything till I had actually started the Christmas Holidays (which is only a week away!), but I couldn't help post tonight... is that okay with you, friends? The last few weeks have been flying with activities, going here, doing this and doing that!!!! Phew! I definitely am looking forward to this summer break...

Some random stuff. We bought a new camera which works a lot better than the older one (it kept running out of battery), so I hope to post a few pics on my photography blog soon. Now, moving to other things! You may have noticed a few changes to my blog. I've made my blog public so naturally I'll not be as effusive in all the 'private' details of my life... I'm very much seeking the Lord as to what HE wants me to write, and not what I want. I definitely need the Lord's guidance in that... And now, YES! I've got a new temporary blog design reflecting this wonderful season of Christ's birth (how do you like it?), and a new collection of Christmas Carols on my Mixpod (check out some of the Carols and hymns on... they're truly beautiful! They always inspire me to wonder and worship the Lord, remembering His birth...). 

This leads me to Christmas... 

I hope to post more things about that in the coming days so I won't write all my thoughts here... but right now, I've started to read again the passages in the Bible that speak of redemption and Christ's birth and am yet again astounded and awed at the love of God and His wondrous plan for our salvation. It is a wonderful story.... and you know what? It is TRUE. Christ the Saviour is born! 

P.S. please forgive me all friends if I haven't e-mailed you in the last few days. As soon as the holidays start Lord willing I plan to write to y'all! Thanks for your patience... 

I have to go to bed now. I had planned to edit a bit of the second chapter of my story but I think I might have to leave that for tomorrow. Many blessings, until my next post...


  1. Dearest Joy,
    I really like your new looks....I mean both the hair cut and the new christmassy blog

    Yes, Christmas is a very special time in which to remember what God gave to us in His Son. Emmanuel, God with us.

    I love that horse app...the horse looks sooo real:)

    Much love,

  2. Dearest Joy,

    What a surprise to see that your hair is cut! This must be such a refreshing change in the hot weather, and from the photo also looks very nice. (Although it must have been a little sad to cut off those special long locks, too :)).
    As Sarah said, I like your new looks too :), meaning the blog changes as well as the hair!
    Dear Joy, I will be praying for the Lord's blessing and guidance on your writing journey, including the blogging but also with your story.
    Lord willing it will be lovely to see you soon, and also I'll be responding to your email! :)

  3. My dearest Sarah,

    Thank you for your sweet comment:).
    I love Christmas for so many reasons, the greatest being to reflect that God gave His only begotten, beloved Son for you and me. His love is so amazing!
    Me too, the horse app is amazingly vivid and real... did you buy a new horse yet, lol?
    Love you, dear big sis!

  4. Dearest Maddy,

    It must have been a surprise to see my hair cut, right? I guessed that a cut would be good since my hair was becoming too too long and a bit of a bother taking care of, especially in the heat of summer. Also, it will eventually grow back long again! But yes, it was with a reluctant sigh that I saw my long hair disappear!

    I'm glad you like this Christmas blog design, though I don't intend to keep it for long. Thank you so much, Maddy, for your prayers. That is such a precious gift, to have a praying friend! It certainly is a journey, isn't it? I'm praying for you too, dear sister, that the Lord will guide you.

    It will be lovely if in the Lord's time we could see you soon :). I look forward to reading your e-mail, when you get the time! God bless!


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