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Time for another "Cup-A-Tea Poetry Corner" posts, and this time, it is a Christmas-y poem too! Not so well known, but really inspiring. Well, actually there are TWO poems for me to share today :), as I found them on the same page and are both worth sharing! I found it in the book, "Mountain Breezes" which is the collected poems of Amy Carmichael. I pray you are blessed by it during this time when we remember Christ's birth.

photo from The Nativity Story movie

The King in a Manger
taken from pg. 386-7 from Mountain Breezes

When the morning stars sang together, and all
The sons of God shouted for joy,
He was there--who was laid in a manger made
For the little calves of the stall:
The King, the King of Eternity,
Laid His glory by for thee and for me.

Who hung the round world upon nothing--He lay
A babe on His mother's lap.
Who made of the clouds swaddling bands for the sea,
Her gentle hands did Him wrap:
The King, the King of Eternity,
Laid His glory by for thee and for me.

Oh, well may we love our kingly Lord,
Oh, well may we love our King
Who for love of us all became weak and small
As any baby thing.
The King, the King of Eternity,
Laid His glory by for thee and for me.

~Amy Carmichael~

photo from The Nativity Story movie

The Wise Men
taken from pg. 387 from Mountain Breezes

Once a star rose in the sky, 
Silver star of mystery,
But the wise men, pondering, knew
What it said that they must do.

So, in that first Christmastide,
On their camels they did ride--
Rode to far Jerusalem,,
Rode to farther Bethlehem;

Found the little, precious child,
On the ground before Him piled
Gold and frankincense and myrrh;
Hailed Him Royal Conqueror.

Once again, led by a Star,
Do we come from near and far,
Drawn by Love's beloved cords,
Hail our Saviour, Lord of lords.

And as holy seraphim
Veil their faces, worship Him,
Pray we now this Christmas grace--
Reverence as we seek His Face

~Amy Carmichael~

Christmas blessings to you all, dear sisters!


  1. Hello to the lovely Miss Joy~

    Thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging comments over at my blog. :) It always makes me smile to meet new friends, and to be deemed an encouragement to others! I absolutely love your blog, and your sweet little post--what a wonderful idea! I just love those poems.

    Your blog looks to Christmas-y and sweet this time of year! I am working on a more "winter-ish" look for my blog in the near'll have to come and see. ;)

    -Lucia @ Umbrella Girl

  2. Dear Joy,

    These are lovely poems, thank you for sharing them. Truly, we remember HIM at this time of year which is, for the world, full of such distraction and craziness.

    Truly, "well may we love our kingly Lord"!
    May He bless you through this season, and let us with joy come before the Throne of Grace and worship the Lord!


  3. Hello Lucia,

    Thank YOU so much for dropping by my little blog! I love making new friends too, and I've always enjoyed reading your refreshing blog posts!!

    I'm glad you liked my blog <3. I pray it will be a blessing in a small way to those who read it! I actually got the idea of writing poetry posts from the blog Living On Literary Lane (so the idea is not mine originally!!).

    Oh! I'll have to head your way once you get that new, winter-y design on your blog... it definitely will be lovely to see! God bless and it was lovely to 'meet' you :).
    Love in Christ,

  4. Dear Maddy,

    I believe that very much! During this season, we can remember our Saviour, and not let the world's distractions rob us of our celebration of HIM and His sacrifice for us, and His amazing love and grace to redeem us from sin!

    I loved these poems the moment I read them! Thank you for your sweet comment.
    In His love,


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