The Deeps

Here is a beautiful prayer, that truly echoes the cry of my heart. I pray that you may be blessed by it as much as I was.
Give me a deeper repentance,
a horror of sin,
a dread of its approach;
Help me chastely to flee it,
and jealousy to resolve that my heart
shall be thine alone.
Give me a deeper trust,
that I may lose myself to find myself in thee,
the ground of my rest,
the spring of my being.
Give me a deeper knowledge of thyself
as Saviour, Master, Lord, and King.
Give me deeper power in private prayer,
more sweetness in thy Word,
more steadfast grip on its truth.
Give me deeper holiness in speech, thought, action, 
and let me not seek moral virtue apart from three.
Plough deep in me, great Lord,
heavenly Husbandman,
that my being may be a tilled field,
the roots of grace spreading far and wide,
until thou alone art seen in me,
thy beauty golden like summer harvest, 
thy fruitfulness as autumn plenty.
I have no Master but thee,
no law but thy will,
no delight but thyself,
no wealth but that thou givest,
no good but that thou blessest,
no peace but that thou bestowest.
I am nothing but that thou makest me,
I have nothing but that I receive from thee,
I can be nothing but that grace adorns me.
Quarry me deep, dear Lord,
and then fill me to overflowing 
with living water.
(A Puritan Prayer taken from The Valley of Vision)


  1. Hey Joy!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer.

    It truly has blessed and encouraged me this morning.

    We must all seek to know Jesus; and only through trials, fires, floods, and breakings will we come to know Him in that beautiful and deep way. Only after the pain of quarrying, as the prayer says, can we then be filled with living water.

    With all my love to you, sister;

  2. This is a lovely prayer! May we all pray this!

    I love the pictures too! :)

  3. Dearest Joy, thank you for sharing this beautiful and wonderful prayer. Praise be to Jesus for this prayer, and it truly has encouraged me and blessed me so much.

    May Jesus bless you my dear sister, and may all of our hearts, always echo this prayer. In Jesus' Name.

    With His love to you, in our Jesus, dear sister

  4. Dearest Joy,

    After this rather long absence (mostly due to long-drawn-out sickness :))... I love the changes to your blog! It is very tasteful, and also the name is special. This is a beautiful puritan prayer. Amen, may every line be the prayer of our heart. Praise our Lord Jesus.
    With lots of love, praying for you,

  5. Dear April,

    I am glad this prayer has blessed you! It did to me too. Thank you for you lovely comment, dear sister!

    How true it is, what you said. My true desire to seek to know Jesus as well; His quarrying and pruning is to make us grow in Him, know Him more and love Him. I praise His name!

  6. Dear Elizabeth,

    This prayer has been one of my favorite from the book and truly echoes the cry of my heart! Thank you, dear sister, for your sweet comment!

  7. Dearest Carra,

    It was wonderful to read your lovely comment! I praise the Lord that this prayer has truly blessed you. It has to me as well.

    Thank you, dear sister, I pray the same thing as well.
    In His love,

  8. Dearest Maddy,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been unwell! I've missed you very much on blogger :). I pray you are feeling well? Thank you so much. Really Hannah from Beauty Designs Studio is the one to get the credit as she worked really beautifully on this design for me!

    Truly, yes, this Puritan prayer has inspired and blessed me as well. May it be our prayer!

    I'm praying for you too, Maddy! In His love, dear sister.


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