Tomorrow Lord willing I shall be posting about the persecuted Christians who have suffered a lot through this past year... I want to share what God is doing in the midst of suffering and heartache... Jesus is Victor!
God bless and have a wonderful night/New Year!!

On an entirely different note... here is a really wonderful post by Rachel Brown from her blog Covenant Maiden. She kindly allowed me to link up her post on my blog: "Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living"


  1. Dearest Joy,

    I would love to hear what He is doing amidst the suffering and heartache in Egypt, dear sister. Amen, Jesus is Victor!

    I pray you and your family are having a blessed and joyous time together, in this holiday time together.

    May His Name be praised!

    Lots of love,

  2. Sweet Joy,

    Thank you for your gracious comment..and sharing how the Lord led you into 2012! I look forward to your upcoming post.

    On a side note, when I meant narrow down my blogging time, I mean bringing my posting down to once or twice a week, so I won't be gone. :) I just post quite frequently now...and think I may need to dial back a bit in order to do what I feel like the Lord is asking of me. :)

    Many Blessings--may the Lord continue to encourage your heart as you follow Him!

  3. Dear Maddy,

    I am sorry I have been a little delayed in writing the next post about the suffering Church...I should be posting it today or tomorrow Lord willing! I look forward to sharing about it too :).
    In His love,

  4. Dearest Melanie,

    Thank you for your sweet comment too :). Oh, I see what you mean now (and I'm glad too!). I as well will be narrowing down my posts to around once a week once I get back to my schoolwork after the holidays.

    It is so important to hear and obey the voice of the Lord, isn't it, and you have inspired me in that!!

    Thank you, dear sister. I pray the same for you.
    In His love,

  5. P.S. Maddy, I pray you are having a wonderful time too during the holidays and in this New Year as well, rejoicing in the love of the Lord and growing in Him!


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