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I Fell on my Knees...
by - April Lyons

I fell on my knees on the hard concrete floor,
My heart was pounding, my lungs were tight,
"Dear Lord!" I cried, "Why is this my lot in life?"
"What have I done so awful in Thy sight!"

It had been a hard day, as many days were,
My spirit was spent, and my heart ached so sore,
I felt like no death could be as bitter as mine,
The death I lived slowly as the days rolled by.

Suddenly I heard in some mist rising low,
The voices of ones I had known long ago,
They rose to such a pitch that I covered my ears,
I buckled under the memories, but I swallowed my tears.

Those ones I had known in years gone by,
Their voices, they rang now as then,
With lie upon lie,
And sin upon sin.

I held my throbbing head,
I couldn't take this anymore!
"Oh! what had I done to deserve this!"
"Lord, what are You killing me for!"

"My child!" a Voice overcame all the rest,
"My child! how could you not pass this test?"
"My child, can't you see what I have brought you out of?"
"Can't you see what you have, now you know My love?"

"Dare you complain of the life I have given?"
"When for ruin, and death before you had striven?"
"When you sat so alone, so hungry, so cold,"
"So lost in your self - but your self had been sold!"

"You were sold to do evil, you were sold to live a lie,"
"You didn't know it, but you were even sold to die,"
"My child, dare you hurt Me, dare you cut Me so sore?"
"Can't you see the beauty in this violence and war?"

"Can't you see that I do everything for your good?"
"Can't you see that I'd give you the world if I could?"
"But what good would it do you, if your heart was so full,"
"And you lost all I had in store?"

"Can't you see that My plan is for you to know Me?"
"I want you to come and abide, can't you see?"
"Try Me and prove Me, but don't e're go astray,"
"The life you now lead, I have not given away!"

"The Life you now lead is My own, can't you see?"
"I died so you might be free - in Me."
"You live because I live within you,"
"These sorrows you suffer, I suffer too!"

"My child, dare you doubt Me?"
"My child, dare you fear?"
"I love you, My child, can't you see?"
"Come to Me - I will wipe away your tears...."

I usually find it a bit of a challenge to pick a poem out the mountain of beautiful gems there are in good, uplifting poetry, and share one for my "Cup-A-Tea Poetry Corner" posts with you all. Up to now, all of the poems I've shared have been from relatively classic authors, and beautiful and rich they were indeed! But the other day, I came upon this poem on the blog, My Life in Him, written by a lovely sister in Christ, April Lyons. It blessed my heart so much while reading it, not only because it felt like the beautiful poetry of by-gone days, but because the words are really true! April was really kind and said I could share her poem on my poetry serial, so I am sharing it with you all today, in the hope it blesses your heart.
"Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing." -John 15: 4-5 NKJV


  1. Thank you for choosing to share this poem with your readers, Joy, I pray the Lord Jesus will use it to bless many others in a deep way.

    Its very beautiful the way you laid it out here. :)

    In Him;

  2. You're welcome, April! Thank you for letting me share it here too :). It was a blessing to read. Mary, my sister, was looking at my blog yesterday and she saw your poem... and she asked, "who wrote it?". I said, "April wrote it", and she was pleasantly surprised, and thought it really lovely.

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