The Beauty of Music...

Listen to this beautiful version of Dvorak's Humoresque played by Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman, great musicians and personal favourites of mine. You may notice that I am also learning this piece for my 3rd grade violin, though it hasn't come close to sounding as beautiful as this!

I think God planted a beautiful thing in man when he gave him the ability to compose and play such beautiful music!


  1. This is beautiful Joy, thanks :). A great version for you to listen to, in preparation for your exam!

  2. Yes, Maddy! It is certainly a beautiful version of the piece, and played so skillfully too! It sure is a help to listen to it :). How is your violin playing going?

  3. Yes, it can be really helpful to listen to the pieces you're learning, can't it :). Well, I haven't been playing much at all lately, sadly. I love playing the guitar and singing hymns, but haven't had the time for much else with music! You know that little concert that is being held to raise money for my disabled cousins? Well, Sam and I are playing again, with Aunty Pam and Anne. We're playing the Eine Kleine again! I'm looking forward to playing with Sam... we just don't get the chance to play much together any more. That's why our music times, with piano, guitar, two violins, and Sarah singing, are so special! I loved, last time, how the pieces that were most beautiful were the hymns we played. That was a really special time of praise.
    Well, must fly now... got to attend to that new recipe I told you about!!
    Love, Maddy

  4. Dear Maddy,
    Yes, I remember that concert! I hope and pray it goes well :). I loved our time together playing music for the Lord... it was a very wonderful time, and I was really blessed. Hopefully we can do that again soon :). Oh... Yum! Those old recipes sound so delicious!!!!! Have fun with it :). Love,


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