Why I have been Slack...

Okay... this is just a very short post. I want to say that I've been very busy lately, hence not much posting or replies to e-mails :(... I will be more busy later in the week, close to the weekend so please understand if I don't answer comments or e-mails until the weekend. If anybody might be thinking what kind of "business" I am talking about well let me give you a few samples of what I've been doing and what I've got to do...

The clothes in my wardrobe need a good wash, most of them anyways. My room (well, Gracie and my room to be exact) is just a horrible, horrendous mess... gets me depressed just looking into it! I have been realizing that I am not a very good example to Gracie in this, and that it isn't very good at all to be untidy and careless. So, with God's grace, I am going to work on that! 

Since the beginning of the week I've been working on hardly anything but Maths and one side of my head is throbbing ever since I finished this afternoon. I had a Math test yesterday (don't know how that went really). And today I had a phone chat lesson with one of the school teachers over my new Maths PACE (hay, and it was really good!). BUT, I've got to complete a certain number of pg. before Monday for my next lesson. I also have a violin lesson come Monday and I haven't done much practice to be honest. Besides that, I've got to straighten my hair tomorrow and tidy my room. The big thing happening tomorrow Lord willing is that we'll be going as a family to Pastor John Piper's meeting in the Brisbane city center (he's come all the way from America to Brisbane, a place that seems to be always forgotten)!!!!!! I am really looking forward to it and pray that we will be blessed by it. 

What I am realizing is that in the midst of all this business, is that I need to keep my eyes fixed on HIM! I read a few days ago "You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. For in YAH, the Lord is everlasting strength". May we keep our minds stayed on Him and may we trust in Him, listening to His voice. Sorry for this haphazard post... I know most of you would have been expecting something grander... oh, and I do promise to reply to all the lovely comments and also the e-mails that have been sent as soon as possible. In the midst of all this, I hope to get a few moments of writing time... and I hope I DON'T get a MENTAL BLANK!
God bless!

Here is a hymn I leave you with!

Love in Him,

P.S. you may notice that the icons and pictures on the corner are all mixed up. That is because a little while ago I tried different templates but wasn't satisfied with any one of them yet. Still, I have found some really great ones that I am thinking of putting up sometime. So, I'll be tidying up the corner soon :).
P.S.S... do you think a change of template design will be nice for a change? I'd love to hear your thoughts on that please!


  1. Dear Joy,

    Believe me. :) I understand perfectly... don't worry. Take all the time you need!

    Summer (here it's summer) is a very busy time for us, and there is a lot going on right now - and I've been sadly rather slack myself.

    You've got a lot going on too! The Lord bless you dear sister.
    Love Carra

  2. Hey Joy! Oh! You sound terribly, terribly busy!
    Praying for you!
    I really liked that song...thank you for posting.
    About your math. I notice you used the word PACE...what books do ya'll use? I'm asking 'cause we used School of Tomorrow...Accelerated Christian Education. They used the word PACE. It may sound a little silly but I wasn't sure if any other producer used that word! :)
    Hmmm...change of template. I'm new! So my opinion isn't honest. I think this one is a very nice template though.
    Much love and prayers;

  3. Hi April and Carra!
    I hope you don't mind that I comment on both your comments in one comment? Yes, I have been very busy, but thank the Lord not toooooooooooo busy! Thanks for your prayers. I should be back to blogging, e-mailing soon... well, as soon as this busyness lets down a bit. Yes, I have noticed, Carra, that from your blogs it looks like Summer... and very hot too, right? We're in the last month of winter here... cold, but not too cold. It has been rainy and windy though. To be totally honest, before I found your blogs I hadn't really known where South Carolina was! Mary, my second eldest sister, had done lots of geography at school so I came over to her and asked her to show me where SC was on the map! It was great to know :).

    I love the song too, April. It has challenged and encouraged me a lot in my walk with the Lord. May we indeed know Him!

    YES! We're using the School of Tomorrow ACE curriculum with the PACE's :). That's marvelous that you used it too... it is a great curriculum. Sarah and Mary are doing Uni studies now, but through distance education. Gracie and myself are still with ACE... I'm in year 10, and Gracie yr 2.

    Hmm... thanks for telling me how you liked the template. I'll have to see once I get a bit more time. I am really thankful for your fellowship, April and Carra! It is such a blessing. Oh, and I will be e-mailing you both soon Lord willing.
    God bless.

  4. Dear sister Joy,

    Life does get full, don't worry at all! With schoolwork... writing... ACE workshops... home chores and family time... and even planning sewing times with a certain friend :)... you certainly are busy! Yes, to sit at Jesus feet and keep our eyes fixed on Him, as Mary did. Not to be Martha, her eyes darting around to find the next chore to complete, never finding time to alight on Jesus Himself! (Well, I imagine this is what it was like... :)).

    May you be blessed in Him today!

    Lots of love,


  5. Dear Maddy,

    Thank you for being so patient with me <3. You are a dear sister in the Lord, Maddy, and I love to hear from you!
    Well, at least part of the big busyness of 'one day' has passed, praise the Lord. But yes life has been full lately... Oh, and by the way, I am really looking forward to arranging a sewing afternoon together. That will be simply lovely! We just have to talk it over with our mums to see when will be the best time. I'll e-mail you more on that in my next e-mail Lord willing.

    Amen! May we indeed sit at Jesus' feet like Mary and hear His word and treasure His commands within our hearts, and not be like Martha who was "too busy with busy work"!

    I love the Lord Jesus so much, and thank Him for His bountiful goodness to me, so undeserving and sinful yet saved by His blood! I am looking forward to sharing with you about the meeting yesterday :).
    Love in Him,


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