Violin... Hear the Pieces!!!!!!

Well, the 1st of August has come and already gone.... for some reason, this date got me excited yesterday morning and I woke up telling everyone 'it's the 1st of August-the last month of winter!' There is another reason why August should make me feel excited and apprehensive all at the same time. The 31st of this month is the last day to submit to enter the violin exams for from October-December for this year. I'm not sure yet whether I'll take the end of the year exam (I pray so) or wait till the next ones next year which will be in around March, but I'll just have to 'practice', pray and see. Everything is in His time, that's for sure and I am learning a lot through this grade both musically and also in my own walk with the Lord. What I thought was to let you hear samples of what I am playing from clips I found on YouTube. Naturally, I wasn't able to find in most of the pieces the exact way I'm learning to play it recorded. But, here is what I found.

My list A Piece:
Study by Hans Sitt
(P.S. Being a Study, my teacher has encouraged me to put as much character into this piece as possible.)

Study Op. 32 by Hans Sitt

My two choices for a
List B Piece: (P.S. one needs to be for a main list B, and the other in an extra list. The first piece is a three page piece and certainly more challenging! Both are really pretty though. If you have a preference, please tell me in your comments below, I'd appreciate it very much!)

Allegretto Moderato
by Friedrich Seitz 1848-1918

this is an electronic version,
 thus no character or emotions and simply too fast for me, 
but it is perfectly played otherwise!

This version, played by a 'real' girl (not electronically)
is pretty good, the best one I found on YouTube really
 and she tries to get some character into it, 
but not perfect by any means and it 
lacks some dynamics 

Humoresque by
Josef Dvorak

This is played beautifully in an
 orchestra (violin and cello)
and I think in a different key than what I am playing
It is a beautiful version but mine definitely
 won't sound as beautiful as this!

This is quite a close variation to what I am playing
there are few changes of course

This, like the first one,
is in a different key and simply beautifully played!!!!

My List C Piece:
by Luigi Boccherini

This is a really special tune
I found that the piano covered up a bit of the violin
but otherwise was really good

this a quartet version of it--very pretty!

An Extra List:
(I couldn't find an exact recording of it in violin, being a variation of Greensleeves.)

This is a violin recording, however there are 
certain parts in it that differ from my version

Here is a really medieval recording of the piece
still not exactly like my AMEB version

Well, viewers, that's about it for the music! Hope you like what I am learning. Please pray that the Lord would direct me as to when I should take the exam and guide me through it. Also, I'd appreciate your comments on which piece I should choose for my List B and which for my extra list :).... 

May the Lord be with you this week and keep you in His infinite love!
In Him,


  1. I love this peaces, Joy!!!
    They sound so gently!

  2. Thanks Mary!!!
    I am glad you like the pieces. I do too :)... are you playing any music pieces on the piano currently? God bless

    P.S. we say "they sound so gently played" or "they sound so gentle" because "gently" is an adverb and "gentle" is more often than not an adjective... :D

  3. Hi Joy,

    Yes, these pieces are lovely! Keep forging on with Allegretto Moderato; it is sounding great :). The Lord be with you in making a decision about exam times.



  4. Hi Maddy,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement... I am still praying that the Lord will guide me when to take the exam and I know He will guide me!


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