ValleyofHope2011... my YouTube Channel... :D

Last Monday I set up my YouTube Channel...
It is called, "ValleyofHope2011"... similar to Sarah, my eldest sister's channel: AnchorofHope2011 :)
I won't be really uploading anything on my channel I think for now at least, just making playlists of clips I often watch and adding videos that I like on the internet onto my 'favourite' collection.
Bare in mind, I will not be so regular on that and that my collection of 'favourites' is more like a shelf of links to any clips I'd like to get back to in the future. Not every single clip I'd really recommend...
Anyway, here is the link for it:

Feel free to visit and have a look. 
Hope you enjoy!

But to you who fear My name 
the Sun of Righteousness shall arise 
with healing in His wings
-Malachi 4:2

Love in Him
P.S. this is my 20th post :)