Blogging Update

Hello everybody,
Have been wondering where I was?
I have to apologize for not having posted anything for a while *wistful sigh*. I can go on and on at how busy the last few days have been for me (school work, violin, e-mail/letter writing, writing in my book, chores, checking up on events in Egypt, spending time with family, opening up a vCampus account, math lessons via phone etc...), but it will just suffice to tell you that blogging has fallen behind a little I'm sorry.

As I am already starting to miss it terribly and I hope my viewers are looking forward to a new post soon, I shall get back to you as soon as possible Lord willing (most probably this weekend!).You may notice that some of my pages are missing, but don't worry as they are currently under construction for the better I hope. Check out soon please, and God bless.
In Christ,


  1. Remember that blogging is just a hobby! It is lovely to hear a blog from you, but I'm personally sure that you are keeping in touch with most of your blogger followers that are serious, so I'm sure they understand completely.
    If you're a follower of Joy's blog and have read this, please agree with me!!!

  2. Thanks for that reminder, Jessica! Love you!


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