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I can hear the whistle of the kettle on the wood stove. Gingerly I finger the slender glass handle of the china cup as I sit cosy in a corner, and flip through a bunch of old poems... wistfully, I gaze at the rain droplets trickling down the glass panes... but the musty smell of the old book in my hand draws me from the dreary scenes of the window into its parched world of WORDS... a moment later, with a steaming cup of herbal tea clasped around my hand, I bask in the beauty of the poetry before me. I sniff the herbal smell of the tea and give a contented sigh, before a thought flits in my head. "Why not make a poetry post?"

Well, that's not how I got the thought of sharing sporadic posts, entitled, "Cup-A-Tea Poetry Corner", where I can share some beautiful poems with you. No, it just came to me the other day while on my desk, but I thought it was a good idea. Some of the poetry themes that I'll post about Lord willing are spiritual, devotional, classic etc. I hope you'll enjoy that, as I love good poetry :). Here is one of my favourite of Amy Carmichael's large collection of poems, and has been very challenging and inspiring in my daily life... "in school and in the house"... to learn to say to self, "Deny".

"What is Discipline?"

When I refuse the easy thing for love of my dear Lord,
And when I choose the harder thing for love of my dear Lord,
And do not make a fuss or speak a single grumbling word;
That is discipline.

When everything seems going wrong and yet I will not grouse,
When it is hot, and I am tired, and yet I will not grouse,
But sing a song and do my work in school and in the house;
That is discipline.

When Satan whispers, "Scamp your work"--to say to him, "I won't,"
When Satan whispers, "Slack a bit"--to say to him, "I won't,"
To rule myself and not wait for others' "Do" and "Don't"'
That is discipline.

When I look up and triumph over every sinful thing,
The things that no one knows about--the cowardly, selfish thing--
And when with heart and will I live to please my glorious King;
That is discipline.

To trample on that curious thing inside me that says, "I,"
To think of others always--never, never of that "I",
To learn to live according to my Saviour's word, "Deny";
That is discipline.

~ Amy Carmichael

Have a wonderful weekend, dear sisters and friends, and may we strive with heart and will, by God's grace, to live to please our glorious King! P.S. if you check out here again sometime this evening, or in the coming few days you should be finding the "Part 2" about Lady Jane Grey... that is, if any if you has read Part 1 yet!! (I know it was an enormous post, and I don't blame you if you didn't read it all XD).
In His love,


  1. Dearest Joy,

    What a lovely idea! I will love to read these poems, and am looking forward to the next instalment of 'Cup a Tea' poetry corner.

    How true are the words of that poem, about the meaning of discipline. May we deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus... this is the narrow path, and may He lead us upon it by His grace. That discipline is painful to accept often, but it is a great blessing to receive it from the Lord because 'Whom He loves He also chastens".

    Another thing that blessed me about this poem was the reminder that accepting discipline is a CHOICE. We can ask for the discipline of the Lord... but can we accept it, listen to Him and obey? This is the challenge and pain of discipline... but let's remember that though weeping endures through the night, joy comes in the morning! We are in the refining fire, but we are also daughters of the living God, redeemed through the precious blood of our mighty Saviour Jesus. Praise His Name!

    Thank you for sharing today dear sister, it is always a great blessing to read your posts. I also love poetry!

    Lots of love,


  2. Dear Joy,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem...I had forgotten it. Amy Carmichael's poems always challenge and inspire me. May the Lord give me the grace to deny self and be disiplined in my life.

    Also, what Maddy said about discipline being a choice we must do, reminds me of something a minister of the Lord once said: "Never ASK the Lord to humble you, because He'll do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you ask or think! Better humble yourself'

    Well, Joy, I'm looking forward to your future 'Cup of Tea' corner.


  3. Dear Joy,
    Thank you for such a lovely post. I love edifying poems. This one really blessed me.

    I pray the Lord will teach us all discipline.
    In the Lord,

  4. Dearest Maddy,

    I was really blessed by your comment the other day, dear sister. I am really glad you like the idea of putting up poems :), and are looking forward to the next installment! :). I love poetry too.

    Yes, I have been very challenged by the words of this poem too. I think, partly the fact that it was in the "youthful thoughts" section of the poetry book, that this poem Amy wrote for her girls... and I am sure how it must have been a real encouragement to them as well as to us now. Yes, picking up our cross, denying ourselves and following Jesus is so important! It is indeed a narrow path, isn't it? But as you said, the Lord's correction is for our good and shows just how much He loves us!! May we cling to Him, and live for Him all our days by His grace. Yes, accepting discipline is indeed a CHOICE, isn't it? I love that verse as well. Right now, the morning and weeping seems like it will never end. But I was reading in my Bible in John 16 how the Lord said, "the world will rejoice but you will be sorrowful but your sorrow will be turned into joy...and your joy no one can take from you"! What a wonderful promise of the Lord. May we love the Lord's chastening, and learn from His corrections!

    Dear Maddy, will you please offer up a prayer for the Christians in Egypt right now? There isn't much reliable news, but it seems that there have been a lot of Christians killed yesterday (some say 19 or something with many injured) in protests concerning the Church in upper Egypt that was burned. TV news of Egypt says that the Christians rioted and used violence and soldiers were killed, but we really feel this is probably lies, and that actually it seems the Christians were fired at with live weapons by the Army. It certainly is a very distressing time right now, and so we'd really appreciate prayers. Thank you so much!

    I am very blessed by your comments and posts too, Maddy. You always bless me, dear sister! God bless you and your lovely family.
    Lots of love and prayers,
    your sister and friend,

  5. Dear Sarah,

    Yes, I had forgotten that poem too! I actually was glancing at your book, "Mountain Breezes" and came across it and just felt I had to share it! That is what I pray too, that the Lord will give me the grace to live a life of denial and follow Him... I remember that thing that the minister said about humbling ourselves. It is indeed true, isn't it?

    Thanks, Sue. I'll try to furnish another "Cup-A-Tea Poetry Corner" soon in the Lord's Time!
    God bless you dear sister. I love you HEAPS!

  6. Dear Carra,
    I loved hearing from you today!
    Me too, I love poems that edify and bless my soul so much! I am glad you liked this poem. Yes, may the Lord show us His way, and teach us discipline as you said. It is something we all need, don't we?

    Please, Carra, like I asked Maddy, I'd appreciate if you'd pray for the Christians in Egypt right now. We all feel really burdened for them, right now... it really looks like it was a massacre so we're just trusting the Lord. Thank you a lot for your friendship, and for your love.
    God bless,
    your sister and friend,

  7. Dear Joy,
    If you get this, be so excited and happy with me!!
    Love Jessica!!

  8. Dear Jessica!!!!
    I AM SO EXCITED!!!! You did it and it wasn't too hard, was it? ;)
    So happy to have you on blogger commenting at last, my dear friend!!! God bless,


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